20,000 tracks music mp3

While enjoying the cathartic exercise of randomly digging through my neglected record collection (try it sometime — it’s amazing), I was reminded of a piece of work I did around the time of the launch of Stanton’s ground breaking SCS.4DJ all-in-one. At the time, it was commented at just how crippling the 20K track limit was, or words to that effect. Thus I was inspired to create the above image to give some context to just what 20,000 tracks actually looks like, and it seems ideal for a #throwbackthursday moment.

It’s always work revisiting this from time to time, and getting a gentle reminder of the things that have now become the norm. It still strikes me that much of this endless coveting is not so much about the creative needs of a DJ, but much more about the fear of being able to satisfy the most obscure of requests. It could however be argued now that this just-in-case scenario can be more adequately handled by more reliable downloading or streaming.


Do you still feel naked unless you have a server farm full of music plugged into your laptop? Or have you learned to manage with less than you thought? Is too much choice crippling?