Make some noise with Noiiz — sample and loops subscription

With each passing month, my inbox gets bombarded with all manner of online solutions for problems that DJs and producers face, only to dissappear almost as fast as they’ve arrived. I’ve honestly lost count or the will to post solutions to problems that have been fixed many times over. But today, I’ll introduce you to Noiiz, a royalty free subscription based sample and loop resource.

The premise is simple, and explained right here:

How it works: 
  1. Users sign up to a subscription on Noiiz. They get a 15 day free trial, with a download quota of up to 1GB of sounds and can cancel any time during the trial.
  2. They can choose between a monthly or a yearly plan. For the monthly plan which costs $9.99, users get 1GB per month of downloads, which rolls over if unused. For the yearly plan which costs $99 per year (that’s equivalent to $8.25 per month), users can download an unlimited number of sounds and sample packs! Both plans give users full access to the web application and the cloud connected plugin.
  3. Users can download sounds from both the web application and the plugin. On the web app, they can download individual sounds or full zipped packs. In the plugin, they can audition individual sounds on Noiiz in time and in key with their music, then drag and drop right into their project.
  4. The website and the plugin stay fully in sync. Users can add sounds to folders, favourite or view previously downloaded sounds from both the web app and the plugin, depending on where they are, which device they are using or their personal workflow preferences.
  5. If users decide to cancel, they get to keep the royalty free license for all sounds they have downloaded. Noiiz are committed to continuously providing new content, features and tools and feel that this is important to the way we do business, so rather than locking users in, we want to provide continuous value so they want to stick around.

So with the web interface or the plugin, you can find samples and loops from a large and growing library, and drag them into your favourite DAW. And once downloaded, they’re yours to keep and manipulate as you see fit.

While I used royalty free music for video projects, I don’t make music so samples are not my thing, but I like the premise of the service. I image that many of you are constantly on the lookout for samples for your music projects, and Noiiz seems like an efficient and cost effective way to get them.