Beat Navigator makes Beatport Pro better

Beat Navigator Beatport Pro (1)

Beatport just went through a radical change, and out the other side came Beatport Pro, where you can buy and listen to the latest top choons from the big wide world of dance music. But this isn’t good enough for one Chad G, who via the medium of Chrome extensions has written a new front end for the hold bin, that presents your selections in a considerably more detailed view. I present for your browsing pleasure Beat Navigator.

Some words from Chad G’s site:

Save money and find better music faster.

Using Beatport Pro to search for quality, compatible tracks can be a tedious process. Why? Beatport Pro only displays the BPM in the waveform area after you have clicked a track’s play button. Beat Navigator instead displays BPM information automatically next to each track. Also, Beatport Pro only displays musical keys in the standard format. If you use the Mixed in Key software, you are probably accustomed to Camelot notation. Likewise, if you use Traktor, you may prefer Traktor’s numerical, color-coded format. Beat Navigator automatically displays track keys in these additional formats. Ever buy a track to be disappointed how short it is? Beatport Pro will only show you the duration when you play a track and then click the track’s info button. In comparison, Beat Navigator shows the duration of the track up front. Lastly, track cover art can be very helpful in identifying music. Beatport Pro hides cover art in the Shopping Cart and Hold Bin areas of its website. Beat Navigator displays the cover art in these areas, allowing you to identify tracks easily.

In many cases, you are not looking to immediately buy the good music you have found. Instead, saving these tracks for later is the best option. Beat Navigator’s “add to hold bin” button allows you to send tracks directly to the hold bin and bypass the shopping cart. You can then go through your hold bin and only purchase the tracks that fit your next mix.

Beat Navigator’s YouTube button searches for the track on YouTube, allowing you to possibly listen to the complete track and discover similar music.

The great thing about Beat Navigator is that it’s free. Sadly it only works in Chrome so you’ll need to grab that browser if you don’t already use it.

What do you think of the new Beatport Pro? Happier that someone has made it better? Happy with it anyway? Or don’t you use Beatport at all? If so what do you use and why?