JFB nails the Reloop Neon controller [VIDEO]

When I first saw the Reloop Neon controller, it was immediately clear to me that to make best use it from a turntablist perspective (because I feel it really is best suited to turntable use), you were going to need two of them. And this new performance video featuring JFB demonstrates that perfectly.

jfb reloop neon video turntablism


It’s an interesting performance that sits somewhere between turntablism and what would be more aptly described as controllerism. For me, controllerism isn’t just someone who uses a controller, but is more about the techniques used such as looping, sample and hot cue triggering, and effects control too. And the Reloop Neon is ideally suited to helping deliver a controllerist performance within the turntablist sphere. Some might buy a Neon just to fire off one-shots, but JFB isn’t just triggering cue points and samples, but is including traditional scratch and juggle techniques in there too, with more emphasis on what the Neon is good at.

Our review is complete and just needs fact checking with Reloop. Expect that to appear next week.