return of the dj free download

Pre-DJWORX, we were skratchworx, a site that started life servicing the niche needs of turntablists. One of the soundtracks to the daily grind was Bomb Hip Hop‘s Return of the DJ series, a seminal collection of turntablist songs all neatly packaged in album form by BombHip Hop founder Dave Paul. It’s a broad collection of styles from abstract tablism to straight up head-nodding funk, and Dave has just posted on Facebook that it’s all available as a  free download.


Bomb Hip Hop’s free download link has now expired, which I take to mean that it’s no longer free. Sorry.

I would urge everyone to grab this to sample turntablism as a musical style. There is a perception that scratch DJs are all about battling, and I for one would love to see a shifted focus on DJs who just perform rather than create short sets within the confines of a competition format. In the whole scheme of things, there are many amazing turntablists who have never stepped up to the battle plate, but are still world class DJs.