EXCLUSIVE: Mr Switch’s DMC winning set [VIDEO]

We said we’d start putting out videos and this is one hell of a way to start. DMC held their annual battle last month, and stepping up to the plate was Mr Switch. Having won the world supremacy battle numerous times, this time he managed to snatch the showcase crown. And we have it captured in multi-angle full HD video. Yes — we even recorded the master out too so no fader clicking action.

It’s one thing to see it live at the finals, and another to watch it on the DVD. But to see it up close (and repeatedly as a video editor) is awe-inspiring. I can scratch and juggle a bit, but when I stray outside my comfort zone and attempt something a little more adventurous, I basically fall apart and run away from my stupid decks and their stupid needles when things don’t work out as they should. But Mr Switch is doing things that I can only hope to get near through years of practice. He makes it look incredibly easy, but believe me it’s not. And he didn’t look at his screen once.

mr switch DMC winner

And it’s not just the technique either. I can’t imagine trying to put together such a complex set — coming up with the ideas, piecing together a non-linear audio track and having the dedication to execute it for months until it’s perfect is a skill in itself.

mr switch DMC champion

Huge thanks to Mr Switch for stopping by to record this with us. This is the start of a regular thing for us — expect videos aplenty from DJWORX in the future.

Who would you like us to get in to do a session? We’ll do our best to make it happen.