Algoriddim Android winners — yes plural

Algoriddim Android winners — yes plural

When running giveaways, the aim is to make people happy with a bountiful supply of free booty that they didn’t have before. In this one we had planned on making just one person’s day with a costly lump of Android tech, but in an unlikely turn of events, we’re doing just that for more than the original one. Allow me to explain.

The rule of the competition was that the most upvoted comment wins. Simple and clean, but things got messy when the Disqus commenting system seemed to throw away all the guest upvotes from the top comment after someone decided to flag the comment as inappropriate. So we’re left with a comment that had the most upvotes, and a comment that has the most upvotes. Given the circumstances, it seems unfair to penalise one over the other due to a possible Disqus bug, so Tiago Andrade will be getting the Galaxy S5, and DJ Mike One will get the Z2 tablet.

There is another…

We do however have one more winner, someone who the Algoriddim and the DJWORX team felt could do something good with an Android tablet, and that person is Erik Kubik. His comment struck a chord with us in that he wants to give something back to the community by making loopers. Erik — be sure to email your address to contact at djworx dotcom.

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