A decade of anything in the technology led world is becoming quite a feat these days. So quite rightly Native Instruments is pushing out the boat a little for the 10th birthday of their Maschine groove box range. They have quite a lot going on, but the obvious draw for us is the very limited edition orange Maschine MK3.

This is one of those “doesn’t time fly?” moments. We first covered Maschine at NAMM 2009, and in that time various iterations have passed through the Worxlab and all been deeply enjoyed. I got one in to do a quick photoshoot and lost a complete day. To paraphrase Michael Caine — I was only supposed to switch the bloody lights on, and boom it was tomorrow.

Native Instruments Machine MK3 emkay 3 10th birthday anniversary orange (11)

I suspect that this will be a marmite unit for some. All orange is an acquired taste. But I don’t care what you say — for obvious reasons this is the DJWORX Maschine edition. If we had one, it would become one of those units that you see on shelves in tech review videos — pretty but unused. Such a terrible waste. And we don’t do videos anyway.

This is limited to 100 units only so is unlikely to hang about. It’ll set you back £499, which is just about the same price as a regular one — well at least in the UK anyway. Sign up for one on this page.