When 4 becomes 2 — The MasterSounds Radius Two Valve

Following up on their lush Radius 4V offering, MasterSounds has taken a chainsaw to it, and now offer the Radius Two Valve, a compact 2 channel rotary mixer that delivers more of Andy Rigby Jones’ Union Audio genius, but in a smaller chassis.

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Building on the success of its flagship Radius 4V DJ mixer, boutique mixer brand, MasterSounds, has added the compact Radius TWO VALVE to its range. The new 2 channel DJ mixer is manufactured using the highest quality components, and comprises a similar feature set as its award-winning 4 channel sibling, in a smaller footprint.

At the heart of TWO VALVE and its unique sound quality are two dual triode valves, which form part of the input buffer stage to the VCAs.

“The valves’ high input impedance minimises loading on the preceding stages but provides low output impedance to drive the VCAs, whilst natural compression smooths and warms harsh transients. Careful circuit design around the valves minimises noise and distortion,” explains leading DJ mixer designer, Andy Rigby-Jones, from MasterSounds’ technology partner, Union Audio.

TWO VALVE comprises 2 fully-featured channel strips with Aux send (switchable pre or post fader), input level trim, illuminated input select switch, a super smooth 3-band asymmetric EQ, large illuminated Cue switch and high quality ALPS rotary faders.

To the right of the channel strip features a 3-band Master EQ/Isolator, Master and Booth level controls, and headphone monitor with split and Cue/add mix control. Below the master section is a high-quality Penny & Giles crossfader, with contour control to adjust the curve from smooth mix to fast cut.

Two 36mm illuminated analogue VU meters provide accurate signal level monitoring of the mix buss, which automatically switch to monitoring the Cue level when a channel Cue is activated. If the signal level is excessive, the VU meter illumination will change from warm white to bright red.

A new split composite/passive RIAA stage featuring Vishay 2% Polypropylene capacitors, close tolerance thin film resistors and JFET pre-amplifiers provide outstanding fidelity from the turntable inputs.  All circuit coupling is through bypassed Panasonic electrolytics to preserve this fidelity throughout the entire signal chain. The icing on the cake is a pair of MUSES operational amplifiers providing world class summing for the fully balanced main mix buss.

Finally, MasterSounds mixers are hand built at Union Audio in Cornwall, UK, ensuring the finest build quality and attention to detail.

“TWO VALVE has been designed for clubs and DJs requiring a conventional DJ toolkit with ‘no compromise’ audio fidelity. It is the ideal companion for DJ purists who only require 2 audio channels in a premium package. The open, dynamic and transparent sound stage, portable size for carrying between venues, and intuitive feature set gives users an optimal DJ experience, be it at home or in the club,” concludes MasterSounds founder, Ryan Shaw.

Priced at £1495

Available to order immediately via www.mastersounds.co.uk or www.phonicarecords.com

MasterSounds Radius two Valve rotary DJ mixer Union Audio Andy Rigby Jones (4)


It has long been my contention that the DJ industry should consider building some simpler mixers that will last longer, you know — like a 1200. Obviously they would be more expensive but they could be your mixer for life. And this is so close to being something like that for me.

You see, I want the best of diverse worlds — of rotary mixers and of scratch mixers – and unfortunately these are pretty much polar opposites. But the Radius Two Valve does its best to bridge the gap.

Despite the constant stream of 4 channel goodies passing through my hands, I’ve only ever needed 2 channels. The other spare channels would sit doing nothing other than taking up space and emptying my wallet.

MasterSounds Radius two Valve rotary DJ mixer Union Audio Andy Rigby Jones (3)


So for me, it’s nice to see all this rotary goodness blended with a crossfader complete with a curve control and reverse courtesy of the XY Xfade switches. But for me, there is quite a large logistical issue here, and that’s the proximity of the crossfader to the channel rotaries. By my calculations it’s just 30mm between the prominent channel rotary and the left hand edge of the fader slot, which pretty much makes it a non-starter for me. I’m at somewhat of a loss why you would add a fader curve, reverse capability, and then leave no room for scratching.

Please ignore my over-picky fussiness. I’m sure a more scratch oriented DJ would pick a far more scratch friendly mixer, and the target audience is less likely to touch the fader let alone care about the space around it. I’m beginning to think that the Rane Empath Rotary may well be the mixer I’m looking for.


But there’s no denying that the Radius Two Valve is going to please a huge number of people. The combination of MasterSounds and Union Audio is one that makes the heart miss a beat. Their stuff is stellar, and from my brief experience of it, made for life. And it’ll be a beautiful thing to see one sat next to the Mastersounds FX unit too.

As all good gear should be in these impatient need it today times, the MasterSounds Two Valve is available right away, and will cost £1495. Yes it is an investment, but it’ll be an heirloom, and will also keep its value should you decide that you do need more than two channels after all.



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