DJ Woody announces his SCRATCH SOUNDS series

In my years doing this DJ writing lark, one name that has remained consistently on the lips of the turntablist scene has been DJ Woody. He’s been a seasoned battler, designer of DJ gear, leading proponent of video DJing, and constant face on social media busting insane scratches. But in recent times, he’s also been pushing out his own material, both musical creations and battle vinyl. And neatly fitting somewhere between the two is his new SCRATCH SOUNDS series.

He’s provided a few words to explain what this series is about:

The SCRATCH SOUNDS series is a resource for the musically minded turntablist practitioner.

My aim with this series is to produce a coherent set of original recordings with vocalists and instrumentalists, designed specifically for the scratch musician.

Taking inspiration from the library music catalogues of the 1960’s and 70’s, each record is themed in style or mood. By building a library of Scratch Sounds the creative process becomes streamlined, enabling you to select the record most fitting to your project or jam.

For each instrument I have provided a combination of skip-proof loops, chords, riffs and licks. This is to ensure that the format isn’t overly prescriptive and allows for a variety of playing styles and approaches. I recorded separate takes for each tempo so each side has a distinct set of sounds. One of the most rewarding elements of turntablism is sample discovery, for this reason I made sure there was ample material for your digging pleasure.

It is my belief that with the correct tools and mindset we can further strengthen the legitimacy of the turntable as a musical instrument.

Bundle includes:

  • Scratch Sounds No 1 on 12″ Blue vinyl
  • Scratch Sounds No 1 on 7″ Blue vinyl
  • High Quality download of Scratch Sounds No 1 Sample Pack (Only available with this pack)
  • 1 of 100 hand numbered ‘Jam Sessions’ EP by DJ Woody on CD (5 exclusive tracks made from the sounds on Scratch Sounds No 1)
  • Orange and Blue Scratch Sounds stickers

I like releases like this. It’s all too easy to get yet another release full of ahhhs and freshes and smash out the same scratches you’ve been doing for years. But Woody’s aim is to stimulate creativity, and to move you beyond old habits and maybe develop some new ideas and workflows. As the above words say, this very much about underlining the turntable as an instrument.

I’m also loving this project because I totally get his one man ethic. From the design, production, and mailing, it’s all Woody. I’m sure he’d operate the vinyl press if he could. It’s the personal touch that I love, and is something I plan to do more of in the near future.

Summing up:

Limited run SCRATCH SOUNDS bundle (100 only) of 12″, 7″, CD, and stickers — £33.33
SCRATCH SOUNDS No.1 12″ blue vinyl — £13.99
SCRATCH SOUNDS No.1 7″ blue vinyl — £10.99