VIDEO: More MidiTablism from John Type

I know that there’s a world of Youtube videos of people scratching with extreme off the hook skills. But there are just a handful that fuse traditional skills with modern technology quite like John Type does. We’ve previously shown off his controltablism and cue point techniques, but this time he’s made a video that shows off Ableton’s Link in a turntablist environment.

Using the iconic Amen Brother break as a base layer, John cleverly weaves tracks that have sampled it as well as Lynn Collin’s “Think” with an Ableton Push, Vestax PDX turntable, and Pioneer DJM-S9, all tempo matched courtesy of the Link technology.

I love this. It adopts a very hands-on approach via the turntable, but works so well because of new technology. This obviously condenses a lot into a very short demo, but as tools for a creative DJ to have in their arsenal, this kind of approach is very clever.

Once again, hats off to John Type. Keep up the really good work. For a more detailed breakdown, check out John’s writeup here.

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