Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS 1.3 — now with automix and autogain

Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS 1.3 — now with automix and autogain

Mivibes has released an incremental update to their iOS Cross app, one that adds a couple of key features to their already extensive feature set. Mixvibes Cross DJ for iOS 1.3  adds automix,which lets you build a playlist of tracks with auto-transitions, and autogain smooths out volume levels across tracks.

Le communiqué de presse officiel de MIxvibes à Paris est ici :

Mixvibes introduces Automix in Cross DJ for iPhone & iPad

Automix lets Cross DJ mix tracks automatically. With the possibility to take back the control of the mix manually, at any moment. Useful when you want to:
­ Get away from your iPhone / iPad, but still want your selection to be played.
­ Spend more time sipping margaritas and less time DJing

­ Use Cross DJ as a regular ­ yet cool ­ music player.

How does it works? Just add tracks or playlists to the automix queue, and let it go. Note that transitions are smooth and customizable. Select the transition time and activate auto­sync. Edit track order, remove some or shuffle the queue. Best of all: if using other apps, use iOS’s native controls to skip tracks or stop playback.

Oh, and Mixvibes also added auto­gain feature to this update. It basically puts all tracks at the same volume, which is great for mixing old songs with new ones. Additionally, it helps focus on EQs, making the app easier to use on a tiny iPhone screen.

Cross DJ is available on the App Store at $9.99 on iPad (currently at $3.99 for a limited time), and for free on iPhone.
Automix comes free with the update, whereas Autogain is included in the Go advanced in­app.

iPad video: http://youtu.be/4yNGqxi8CyE
iPhone video: http://youtu.be/in­uH4lqqHo

Download Cross DJ for iPad: http://appstore.com/crossdj
Download Cross DJ for iPhone: http://appstore.com/crossdjforiphone

So Cross DJ for iOS gets more features from the leading DJ apps, and ones makes a more casual DJ’s life easier. I know that for some DJs, the very idea of leaving music playing to itself is pure heresy. But for a simple house party, it’s probably useful as a stop gap. Or for toilet breaks.

But if you’re looking to try out DJing on your assorted iDevices, Cross DJ should be on the list to check out. To be honest, the prices that DJ apps are today, you could buy all the key players and then decide.