The music of GTA V: a DJ and gamer’s dream gift?


Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 came out way back in 2001, one of the big features of the series has been the large selection of vibrant, topical and eminently listenable radio stations beamed throughout the imaginary metropolises of Liberty City (NYC), Vice City (Miami) and Los Santos (Los Angeles). Whether it be an early 2000s Trance rave, 80s pop, or modern electronica, the makers of series, Rockstar Games have always outdone themselves in adding to the atmosphere of the GTA series through audio.

I have to admit, more often than not, there are tracks from the games that make it into my DJ library, so this bit of news got me quite excited…

Not only are Rockstar releasing a CD compilation of the music of GTA V, there’s also a vinyl set as well, spread over six records. As you can see from the image above, the collections look ace. Both the CD set and Vinyl collection have a very short run of 5000 pieces each, and will no doubt run out very quickly.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, easily my favourite station throughout the entire series has to be MSX FM, the Moving Shadow curated Drum & Bass station from GTA3.

That, and RISE FM still get a listen from time to time.

The collections are out in stores, online and offline, 9 December… Just in time for Christmas lists!

How does that tickle your fancy?

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