Crosley meets Raiden meets Phase and we smiled from ear to ear


After a few false starts, the game changing needle killing wireless Phase technology is finally getting into the hands of people who paid so much money all that time ago. It’s not been plain sailing, but there’s a number of high profile DJs gushing about how amazing it all is.

But I laugh in the face of the videos that have been posted, and put before you the best use of Phase that you’ll ever see. For Patrick Danaher off of the Innofader squad has just posted a video that the scene so desperately needs right now, because it’s just complete and utter fun.

Phase Innofader Raiden Fader Crosley RSD3 turntable
Posted for scale, for those who can’t be arsed to watch the video.

Patrick has been lucky enough to lay his hands on a supply of the Record Store Day release from Crosley, named the RSD3 turntable, and sandwiched the Raiden RPM-100 mixer inside a pair. It’s of zero practical use other than playing the handful of 3″ releases that came out on Record Store Day, which makes this a seriously practical use of Phase. Being 3″ vinyl, it’s not like you can cut down control vinyl to make 3″ Serato disks.

Side note — did anyone in the UK lay their hands on the Crosley player? I’ve seen some on eBay, but all are in the US.

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