Rumour busting: Shure M44-7 NOT discontinued

shure 44-7 headshell skratchworx

MAY 1st 2018 UPDATE

Today, Shure officially announced that they are shutting down cart production. Our new story is here, and the official PR is here. Please stop using this FIVE YEAR OLD article as evidence that Shure isn’t stopping production, because they definitely are. Anyway, back to the very old news…

The internet is the best invention in the world ever. I use it more than I use wheels or sliced bread, but there are times when it’s just the worst piece of crap and ill-suited to the power it holds. And for me, it’s the way rumours, half truths and lies get spread. They mutate from something someone heard somewhere into pure fact “because I read it on a forum so it must be true”.

We at DJWORX don’t do rumours. So when we read things that have a potentially huge impact on the DJ community, we get to the root of the rumour, and then get clarification from the source. And I read in a few places yesterday that the iconic Shure M44-7 cart had been discontinued. Ooof – body blow for the turntablist community, especially after losing the Technics 1200 a couple of years ago.

So I spoke with Shure UK and heard back from the Marketing Manager and Managing Director who dug into it a little more on our behalf. Here are the facts:

  • Only the M44-7H set (the one mounted in the Technics headshell) has been discontinued.
  • The regular unmounted M44-7 is still alive, kicking and in production.

So keep calm. You can keep buying Shure M44-7 carts and spares – they are very much alive and kicking.

By the way, I’ve uploaded the full sized image for you to use as a desktop picture. Just click on the story image and you’ll get the enormous image for you to resize and crop to suit your device.