The Pioneer DDJ-800 — when two channels are enough

Last year’s DDJ-1000 has by all accounts been quite a hit with DJs around the world, no doubt keeping Pioneer DJ’s bean counters happy, as well as lining the pockets of retailers too. But as a four channel unit, it leaves a space for a two channel model for everyone else. And that’s exactly what the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-800 is a cut down DDJ-1000, but there’s a little more going on here than simply what it does. As ever, I read between the lines, because that’s the stuff I find interesting.

But first, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t publish the extensive PR for your perusal and delectation:

Take your performance anywhere: Meet the DDJ-800 controller, designed for rekordbox dj –

2-channel DJ controller with professional performance capabilities in a compact, portable body

April 16, 2019: Take a pro setup wherever you go with the DDJ-800, a new compact 2-channel DJ performance controller for dedicated use with our professional performance application, rekordbox dj. The DDJ-800 is designed to help you get the most from the new features coming to the software with the release of rekordboxTM ver. 5.5.0 today.

Inheriting the layout design of the DDJ-1000 – which has earned a strong reputation with professional DJs who perform at weddings, parties, and events outside the club environment – the DDJ-800 packs a host of performance features into a lighter body. 

The DDJ-800 is the first piece of hardware*1 compatible with the brand-new Feedback Reducer feature in rekordbox dj,*2 which automatically lessens the “howling” sound of microphone feedback. The DJ controller also features Color On Jog Display, giving you all the information you need for professional performances right in the center of each jog wheel.

The DDJ-800 will be available via our dealers at an SRP of £779 including VAT. It comes with a bundled license key for our professional DJ performance application rekordbox dj, worth £120.

To help keep your DDJ-800 safe from bumps and scrapes on the road, the DJC-800 BAG will be available from our dealers at an SRP of £109 The DJ controller fits snugly into the custom-designed protective bag which features an EVA Durashock molded body, impact-resistant egg-foam, black ballistic polyester, and a soft, fleeced lining.

Watch the DDJ-800 introduction video or find out more about the DJ controller. 

Download rekordbox ver. 5.5.0 for free from If you own a license key for one of the rekordbox Plus Packs (rekordbox dj, video, or dvs), you can upgrade to the new version of the Plus Pack for free. 


  1. Compact, lighter, portable body

Take the DDJ-800 wherever you want thanks to its portable design, which is smaller than the DDJ-1000 by 22% in volume and 1.3 kg in weight.

  1. Color On Jog Display for quick reference to enable accurate performances

The DDJ-800 is our first 2-channel controller to feature high-definition LCD screens showing information such as playback time, BPM, and waveforms in the center of each jog wheel. Cue Scope indicates the distance in bars from the current playback position to Hot Cue points and Loop points, enabling you to mix quickly and more accurately. You can choose to display full artwork on the displays, helping you instantly identify the track loaded on a deck by simply looking at the jog wheel.

  1. Feedback Reducer – the first feature on a DJ controller to lessen microphone “howling”

Pass the mic around with confidence. The DDJ-800 is the first controller that supports the new Feedback Reducer feature in rekordbox dj, which instantly detects the “howling” frequency of feedback and brings it down. Plus, two independent mic inputs give you greater flexibility when you’re juggling DJs, MCs, and guest speakers.

  1. Club-style layout and features

Perform with the DDJ-800 as if you’re using our flagship setup. All the buttons, knobs, and faders on the controller are arranged and used in the same way as those on our club-standard CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 setup. 

Use Feeling Adjust to set the resistance on the jog wheels to your preferred weight for scratching and spice up your sets with the popular Sound Color FX and Beat FX from our DJM mixer series. You can instantly reference BPM and the name of the selected FX without looking at your PC/Mac thanks to the dedicated Beat FX display, making it easy to use the FX whenever inspiration strikes.

  1. Audio mixer feature – control external input volume

You can use the DDJ-800 as a mixer to control the volume of audio input from an external device – even when you’re using it on its own*3 – by adjusting the trims, channel faders and EQs. And, when the controller is connected to rekordbox dj, you can use Sound Color FX and Beat FX too.

  1. Other features
  • Performance Pads – use the 16 tactile illuminated rubber pads (8 per deck) to trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Keyboard mode, and more
  • Advanced Super Fast Search – quickly reach any playback position
  • Page switch between Hot Cues A-H and I-P
  • Dedicated buttons for Key Shift and Key Sync – take direct control of rekordbox dj key-related features 
  • rekordbox dvs ready*4 connect multi players or turntables to control rekordbox dj


Plug and play

Simply connect the DDJ-800*5 to your PC/Mac to enable rekordbox dj. You don’t need to enter a license key to use the software with the controller.

*1 In the DJ controller market with the microphone howling feature (according to the research conducted by Pioneer DJ Corporation, April 8, 2019).

*2 To use Feedback Reducer, update rekordbox dj to the latest version (ver. 5.5.0).

*3 Beat FX, Sound Color FX, and selected other rekordbox features are not available when rekordbox dj is not connected. 

*4 Requires the rekordbox dvs Plus Pack license key and dedicated control vinyl (both available separately).

*5 To use rekordbox dj on your computer without connecting the DDJ-800, activate the rekordbox dj license (a license key card is included in the box).

DDJ-800 specifications

Frequency Response20 Hz ~ 20 kHz (USB, LINE, MIC 1, MIC 2)
S/N Ratio111 dB (USB)
Total Harmonic DistortionBelow 0.003 % (USB)
Input / Output TerminalsInputsLINE/PHONO × 2 (RCA x 2)

AUX × 1 (RCA x 1)

MIC × 2 (XLR & 1/4-inch TRS jack x 1, 1/4-inch TRS jack x 1)

OutputsMASTER x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1)

BOOTH OUT x 1 (1/4-inch TRS jack) 

PHONES x 2 (1/4-inch stereo phone jack x 1, 3.5-mm stereo mini jack x 1)

USBUSB (Type B) x 1
Power SupplyAC adaptor (DC 12V)
Power ConsumptionDC 12 V, 1400mA
Maximum Dimensions (WxDxH) 632.0 × 334.5 × 69.7 mm 
Weight4.7 kg / 10.5 lb
AccessoriesAC adaptor, Power cable, USB cable, Quick Start Guide, rekordbox dj license key card

System requirements

Compatible OSMac macOS Mojave 10.14(updated to the latest version)

macOS High Sierra 10.13 (updated to the latest version)

macOS Sierra 10.12 (updated to the latest version)

WindowsWindows® 10, 8.1,7 (the latest service pack)
CPUIntel® processor Core™ i7, i5, i3
Memory4GB or more RAM


Because I’m in the middle of a client video project with a looming deadline, I’ll keep this brief. The DDJ-800 is a cut down DDJ-1000 for those that want to save a few quid and don’t need two extra channels. It’s still got more or less everything else that the DDJ-1000 offers, including those lovely jog wheel displays, and it’s smaller things like LED rings around the iconic transport buttons that have been left off. Also, for those of a more fader-centric disposition, the DDJ-800 does not include Pioneer DJ’s proprietary Magvel faders. But this is hardly a device likely to catch the eye of those who wish to meter out a DMC level performance.

There seems to be a difference in the way the effects are handled too, in that you must be connected to rekordbox for them to work. Is this different to the DDJ-1000? Is it a way to make the DDJ-800 cheaper by using software effects instead? Is it a weird dongling thing?

Speaking of which, it seems that Pioneer DJ is changing the way it licences rekordbox. While the DDJ-800 blurb talks of a licence key in the box, it also says that the DDJ-800 will unlock rekordbox DJ when you plug it into your laptop. You’ve always been able to use the core rekordbox to manage your library, you’ve always needed a separate licence key tp unlock the full fat version. It seems that you’ll still need licence keys for the optional Plus Packs, mainly because they’re purchases. What it means for the future is anyone’s guess. But it does mean that Pioneer DJ will have to be considerably less bothered with generating keys and having licensing issues to deal with.


The DDJ-800 was always a no-brainer. I chuckled to myself reading “called it” comments this morning. Predicting two channel controllers when a four channel came first really isn’t pundit level skills — it’s bloody obvious. And please, can we stop with the Serato version comments as well. The nearest you’ll get is a mapping, but it’s likely to be an awful experience. Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro controllers continue to walk on diverging paths, and I suspect that they’ll continue to stamp their own identity on their products without the need to please opposing software camps.

Apparently, the DDJ-800 is actually in shops now, something that I love about Pioneer DJ, and that others can only aspire to achieve. It’ll set you back £779/€899/$899.

And now back to that video deadline…