Collidoscope — look at that waveform

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Today’s Facebook sensation is the Collidoscope sampler. Yeah I know that sampling isn’t anything new, but when it’s done in the format, you sit up and take notice.

Seen on the Doctor Mix Facebook page, the Collidoscope is in essence a relatively simple live sampler with two octave keyboard. The obvious draw is the screen, backed up with a really smart loop control. I would absolutely love this kind of interaction with hardware when DJing. We’re making progress with the Numark NV, NS7III, and assorted NI units. But it’s nothing quite like this.

collidoscope sampler waveforms

What’s really cool is the very visual element it brings, not just for the performer but for the audience too. At this size, everything is amazingly clear, and includes the audience in what’s happening, something that is hard to carry off in a DJ scenario.

We can but hope that something like this for DJs to use. The Attigo TT was close, but Scott Hobbs got snapped up by NI and is now a key player in a lot of the Traktor stuff that you use now.

Be honest — wouldn’t you just love one of these above each deck?

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