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Native Instruments among others, were caught with their pants down as far as Apple’s iOS 7 upgrade went. Some were perfectly happy to shout how great their assorted offerings were with the flatter, blurrier, and more colourful OS, while some decide to play it safe and announce that they weren’t at all happy to say that their apps worked without issue. Today though, NI are happy to announce that Traktor DJ does now play nice with iOS 7. But it’s not all thumbs up.

Here’s an update from NI:

Dear DJ,

Here is a quick update on TRAKTOR DJ and iOS 7 compatibility: After extensive testing, we are pleased to inform you that TRAKTOR KONTROL Z1 is fully compatible with TRAKTOR DJ on iOS 7. The TRAKTOR DJ app is also working reliably under iOS 7, however Metadata sync with TRAKTOR PRO 2 is currently disabled by default.

The new TRAKTOR KONTROL S4 and S2 are fully compatible with TRAKTOR DJ 1.3 on iOS 6, however they are not currently supported under iOS 7. Native Instruments is working closely with Apple to solve the remaining issues and we expect to offer a solution in Q4 2013.

We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Best regards,

The Native Instruments team

It seems that despite just hitting the shops, if you’re wanting to use the new Kontrol S4 and S2 with Traktor DJ, you’re going to have to use them with iOS 6. Oh wait… like the rest of the world you hit the upgrade button at the same time? Bugger. Because you can’t turn iOS 7 into iOS 6, so you’re going to wait for that second thumbs up from NI before they’ll offer full support.

You have been warned. And with OS X Mavericks just days away from release, I’m guessing that we can expect more stories of incompatibility from even more software makers despite having a beta for months and months. Plus ça change.



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