Technics Tracks — like Beatport but for audiophiles

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Having already shown that Technics is making a comeback, albeit without a turntable, the next logical step in their forward looking strategy is to deliver the highest possible digital audio for their new range of spangly audiophile hardware. And partnering with 7Digital, Technics Tracks is that platform.

The press release:

Technics Launches ‘Technics Tracks’ A New Premium Hi-Resolution Audio Service

‘Bringing Listeners Closer to the Artists’

  • New hi-resolution audio download store enables music lovers to select from hundreds of thousands of 24-bit tracks
  • Complimentary hi-res audio track available for all who register at from 20th November 2014

Wiesbaden, November 20th 2014- The iconic and newly formed Technics is launching ‘Technics Tracks’ enabling music lovers to rediscover tracks and albums from an exceptional catalogue of 24-bit hi-resolution audio.

Available in the UK and Germany from January 2015 the new download store will carry a comprehensive selection of 24-bit FLAC audio tracks including tens of thousands in superior 192kHz sampling rate, and with an aggressive expansion plan for more hi-resolution titles to be added in the coming months. This will be complemented by an extensive collection of 16-bit/44.1kHz, CD quality tracks. Music purchased on the platform will be stored in a cloud locker ready for download to multiple devices.

The service has been custom built by 7digital, a leading open digital music platform operator. With customers of Technics hi-resolution audio hardware in mind, 7digital’s service allows Technics to offer an exceptional end-to-end experience from hardware and devices to audio and editorial content.

7digital will work with Technics to ensure that the store carries tracks from the world’s largest and most important record companies, including all majors, high profile classical and jazz labels, as well as titles from an unprecedented number of independent labels.

David Preece, Head of Technics Brand Strategy in Europe said, ‘’Technics Tracks will be a vital tool for us to deliver the perfect overall premium audio experience to our customers. We understand the uniquely emotionally engaging experiences that listeners crave when playing their favorite tracks and see the remarkable revelations that music lovers have when they experience true hi-resolution music delivered by our new hardware. We’re incredibly excited to be driving growth in hi-resolution music availability.  Now we want to make the experience of exploring the highest-quality music formats more engaging and more accessible than ever before.”

“Technics Tracks is a platform, where listeners can not only download their favorite tracks in stunning 24-bit quality but will also be a rich source of news and editorial content on hi-res audio releases: another step in supporting our ultimate goal of bringing the world’s highest-class audio experience to serious music lovers.’’

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, said, “This is an extremely exciting partnership for us. As a platform provider we get to work with some visionary device brands and we are always interested in being involved in projects that tackle underserved markets. The re-launch of Technics really addresses the needs of audiophiles and anyone interested in high quality music experiences. We are excited to help Technics see this fantastic service become a great success.”

Technics Tracks will be accessible from PCs and Macs as well as via applications for Android and iOS platforms.

To keep up to date with the latest information on when the service will be available and for a free track once launched music lovers should register at from 20th November.

What does this mean for DJs?

In all honesty, this probably won’t have an impact on our scene in any sense that would have Beatport worried, but we like to keep you up to date with the world of Technics for obvious reasons. It all depends on the genres that you play, but the PR does seem to focus on FLAC for audiophiles, with mentions of classical and jazz.

So I wouldn’t be expecting the hottest dance choons to be gracing Technics Tracks anytime soon, but given the DJ connection, the association with the Technics name could make it a goto place for DJ downloads, if only from a brand loyalty perspective, which given the foundation of that loyalty would make it an ironic success.

Technics Tracks is open for registrations from today, but only for UK and German visitors at this time.