About Ray

Professional gear hoarder with no scratching skills at all, and a bunch of championship wins nonetheless. Hates #realDJing so much, his Twitter handle is @unrealDJing. Can beatmatch records, but still pushes SYNC just to annoy you.

REVIEW and VIDEO: Humpter Console Pro

New gear needs something cool to sit on. And Humpter makes a very cool console. So Ray got one in and uncharacteristically for us shot a video review.

The true price of bean counting

Ray loves coffee. But he fears that some vast corporate entity will devour his favourite blend and bean-count it into a bland and pale imitation.

Pawing Hawtin’s mixer — Ray plays differently and makes tea

Richie Hawtin’s playDifferently project marches towards release, and Ray got some quality (or should that be quali-tea?) time with Richie and the mixer.

Trade shows — do we DJs even care anymore?

Another year, and another dull Musikmesse. And after the fourth in a row preceded by a quiet NAMM, we have to ask — are DJ trade shows are past their prime?

MUSIKMESSE 2016: Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16

Pioneer DJ’s Toriaz SP-16 sampler took us by surprise. So Ray spent a little time with one at Musikmesse 2016 and seems happy enough for now.

Musikmesse 2016: UAD-2 Satellite DSP for Windows

In light of Musikmesse’s dismal showing of new DJ gear, Ray decided to get excited about the Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite DSP instead.

VIDEO: DJ Woody’s “Hip Hop is 40” live at IDA World 2015

Check out DJ Woody perform his brilliant “Hip Hop is 40” video set live from the IDA World DJ finals in Kraków, Poland a couple of weeks ago.

VIDEO: Jon1st on the Rane Sixty-Four in Ray’s new space

Jon1st visits DJWORX Europe, AKA Ray’s new space in Warsaw, and throws down on the Rane Sixty-Four. Enjoy!

REVIEW: Icon I-Creativ and G-Board MIDI Controllers

Are Icon’s entry-level MIDI controllers more than meets the eye? Ray takes a look at the I-Creativ and the G-Board.

REVIEW: Pioneer RMX-500 Remix Station

As the DJ scene has adopted software and especially the built-in effects, the need for external effects units has decreased. But that hasn’t stopped Pioneer DJ from putting out solid follow-ups to their EFX units. Last week Ray looked at the daunting RMX-1000, and this week it’s the return of the RMX-500, the effects unit for the rest of us. Ray plugs it into a corner of his epic setup and makes noises with it.