It’s not just Denon DJ that has new shiny on the way. inMusic stablemate Akai Pro has put out a teaser video, one where music industry VIPs stand around oohing and aaahing about the thing that’s juuuust out of shot. But what is it?

Once again, I don’t play games, so I’m not going to write a fluff piece attempting to make you believe that I’m some sort of guru with my pinpoint accurate guesses. The reality is that like Denon DJ before it, I and every other major media outlet has not only got press releases and images, but has probably laid hands on this new stuff too. In the case of Akai Pro I haven’t seen it in the flesh yet, but from the reactions in the video combined with the info I have in front of me, I’m quite certain that you’ll like it when you see it.

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing whatsoever to be gleaned detail-wise from this clip — it’s a pure tension builder. But if you want to have a weekend laugh, when you watch it imagine that they’re all talking about a new coffee maker or Red Bull vending machine. Both of those are probably more useful to producers than a lot of the gear they have anyway. My personal favourite is to think of them seeing a new and completely made up Akai Airhorn Pro for the first time. 😉


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