SPOTTED: 7″ Technics SL-700 turntable in the wild!

Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (1)

Image courtesy of Jorge Fabel Pabon.


Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (5)

Image courtesy of Ignacio Soltero.

The Tools or War Crotona Park Jams are a wall to wall Hip Hop legend-fest of epic proportions. And being something of a record collector, Biz Markie is a regular at these events. But this year, it wasn’t so much his ridiculous collection of rarities that caught people’s eyes, but the turntables he played them on. No, it’s not Photoshop — those really are 7″ Technics decks. Allow me to explain.

Technics SL-700 turntable Biz Markie Crotona park jams tools of war (9)

An 8 year old image. Has this been on the cards for almost a decade?

Some Background Knowledge

There’s a bit of a back story to this that started around 8 years ago. I was sent the above image from a reputable source purporting to be a 7″ Technics deck. It doesn’t take much CSI forensics to see that it’s a mock up, but apparently came via a Technics rep. A month or so later, I happened to find myself upon the Technics stand at Musikmesse, and figured it was the idea time to get some verification from the horse’s mouth as it were.

I found a guy who looked high up the corporate food chain, whipped out my laptop and asked him if this image was real. The look on his face was as if I’d pulled out the secret area 51 files, resulting in a very serious “where did you get this?”, which at the time made me think that there might be something in it. Seems there might have been after all.


Technics sl-700 7" turntable stokyo.

A better shot of a Technics SL-700 prototype. Biz Markie’s models feature straight arms for great stability, a mod done at his request. Courtesy of Charles @ Stokyo.

The Technics SL-700 Today

Fast forward 8 years, past the demise of the entire Technics turnable line to yesterday. My Facebook timeline was and still is littered with the same handful of images of Biz Markie using what are dubbed as the SL-700 turntables to rock his extensive collection of 45 rarities. But there does appear to be a developing story, one that involves our old friends at Stokyo and former Technics engineers. I’ve been given scant detail about the full story, but rather than feed you tidbits, I’d rather give you a full story in due course. But needless to say we’re in the loop and hope to bring you updates if and when this story develops.

I’m hopeful that this is a developing product. I don’t know if Panasonic would be officially involved, or if it would be a very strictly limited  and expensive boutique edition. One thing is for sure — DJs and hipsters alike would be all over these if they ever did see the light of day.

It’s really nice to see them turn from Photoshop to reality. But what do you think? Do you like them? And importantly, what’s the maximum you’d pay for them if they ever did make it to production? Would you invest in a pro for a smaller DVS setup? Let us know below.

  • docmono

    fck great

  • Onno Suave

    If they really were to be produced, hopefully the straight tonearm would be standard……could really help with skip-issues when rocking 7″s!
    As for what I would pay……hhm, not sure…..most of my collection are 12″s so….I just dunno!

    • CutSelekta

      you can avoid skip issues by rotating your carts, this will also apply on this sl-700…damn i wish i had one then i would start collecting 45s..i usually dont play 45s as they dont sound as nice as 12s.

      • Guest

        Not true. Some people even prefer the sound of 45’s better than 12 inch.

  • rt

    oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $700. but I am sure they would probably go for over a grand

  • Neetlejuice


  • Mat

    Shouldn’t they be 710’s in that colour??? Cool as f*** though…..

    • DJ Remedy

      nah, 1200s come in that black too. You don’t see them as often, but they’re out there.

  • ElvisPreseli

    I would LOVE a pair of these but would like to see them priced as a pair of 1210’s (as they were before they had stopped being manufactured).

  • DJ Remedy

    These look amazing. I have a feeling they could be priced between $1000-$1500/turntable.

  • Cockpiece Mc Wankfactor

    But you can’t download 7″s from Beatport so how would I play my ED fucking M??

    • Graham J

      You can’t download 12″ from Beatport either.

  • Graham J

    They’d be much lighter than 12’s which would make them more portable, but good luck finding 7″ timecode. I suppose you could cut down a 12″ control record.

    • Kraal Wiggins

      serato makes a 7 inch time code

      • Ryan C

        I think they only made a 7″ control record 1 or 2 times as a promo, they go for big bucks on ebay now. Not a regular production item, although if there were 7″ turntables things might be different. But who wants timecode vinyl that runs out in 4 minutes?

        • I sold mine for big bucks. Regretted it ever since, but man’s gotta eat.

    • Pinto Galli

      Jazzman Gerald did some in somewhat 2009 as flipside of his Reissue 45 of Mr. Clean & Soul Inc. – What’s going on

  • Don Rogall

    i´ve been hoping for these for AGES !!

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  • Ace

    What the hell?……
    Soooo Cute – I want a set!!

  • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

    my buddy pointed out the fact that there is a 33/45 buttons. why would these exist on this model?

    • Sergio Pantaleo

      Why not!

      • DJ Rob Ticho,Club mU

        He was thinking that all 7 inches play at 45. Now that I think about it, I have do have a bunch of punk 7s that are at 33.

      • OdDio

        Some 7″s play at 33 rpm.

    • Sergio Pantaleo

      You can also print your own 7″ by porting a single track from a 12″ LP. Then you will have a 7″ 33RPM. I think you’re confusing the convention of calling “type 45” the 7 inches vinyl. But this is just a naming convention.

  • guest

    7 inch 33 and 45 rpm records do exist. Gary Numan has a EP with ‘are friend electric’ that is 33 rpm.
    What I think of it? It will be way to expensive for it’s use. Even I wouldn’t buy it. And I own 5 1200’s – 2 are LTD.

  • sureshot

    and I thought N.S.A. was secretive. Technics should mock up a controller like the NS7 with these.

  • I’ve got some 7″ MixVibes timecode here.

  • Kings

    WANT!! I’d def use these with a DVS set-up. Or just to have just cos I can. If to be used strictly with a DVS set-up an 8″ platter would be nice as that’s the size of a pioneer CDJ jog wheel I believe. But anyway, yes I want a pair!

  • Add a USB connection and onboard audio interface so they can be used as controllers too, and I’d be up for a pair. I haven’t got enough 7″ vinyl to warrant ’em just for that, and timecode is too old hat (IMO).

  • No GMO

    love them!

  • Vinylator

    $1000 would be a good price for 2 units

    • DJ Remedy

      That would be an amazing price for 2 units. You can’t even get a new set of 1200s for that cheap. If these ever go to market, they will without a doubt be more expensive than 1200s.

  • Charles

    For 45 records only, clue ideal thought.

  • James Chapman

    I would love a set of these. I can’t think of a reason why as my existing Technics do the job nicely…but that’s when you know you have a good product. People want one when they don’t need it 🙂

    • Ace

      I really do NEED a set of these!!
      To satisfy my lust for gear!

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  • cunt

    has everyone forgotten THAT TECHNICS DON’T MAKE DJ EQUIPMENT ANYMORE?!?!?!?!?!

    • It’s not so much forgotten, more like people simply cannot accept the truth.

  • jtech

    I wonder if Thud Rumble and Q-Bert knew about this since they did a Kickstarter for a 7″ Skratchy Seal vinyl

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  • Christie Z

    Thanks Gizmo!!!! Photo by Jorge Fabel Pabon!

    • Credit added.

      • christie z

        Thanks so much!! Thanks for the press on this one!!

  • Howie Pyro

    wow! This truly a dream come true for this DJ. I have strictly played 45’s only for about 15 years now. Soul, funk, tittyshakers, instros, garage, surf & rockabilly. With a USB & possibly a pop up 45 adapter that can’t get lost or stolen, the lowest it probably could go for at first is a grand or more, but in the scene i work in, people’s minds would be totally blown, just walking up & seeing it…mine sure would/is.

  • alex avina

    Yes they will sell! A lot of 45″.vinyl collectors are asking where to buy these 700’s I want a set myself!! Please put them on the market they’ll be a good sell! Please believe this!! 1000$ would be a good price for these monsters!!!

  • J

    Pretty rad, like the official vinyl version of V7’s. They’d probably smash Numark if they added MIDI. So cool.

  • Traktor and Serato better start pressing 7inch timecodes quick

  • Guto Loureiro

    If they put some dicers in it and serato release a 7inch timecode… adios competition !!

  • Big Dynasty

    Shit, I would be happy if Technics started making the old 1200 again,



  • DJ Hit Hard

    I don’t care what they cost I want them these would definitely smash the V7’s

  • sourcelink

    I asked DJ Shadow about 5 years ago if he could make something like this happen, and asked the Numark company also (after they released those NS7 things), as I had burned through a few belts on my stupid numark portables. Direct Drive portables, yes! There have got to be many of us who cut up 45s only, and it’s not easy on belt-drive portables, of course, and it’s not easy on my 1200s either, getting the whole mat to spin against the platter with only a lightweight 45 (yeah, 7″ slipmats would help). Point is if I ONLY collect and spin 7s, the 1200 is wasted. The 1200 honors the 12″. I want something that honors the 7″. Would sell my 1200s and buy these immediately.

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  • Snayk Eyez

    The thing that attracts me most about these turntables is the portability factor. The fact that there’s the traditional Technics quality and durability on a smaller scale is awesome.

  • Pluto seven Tbb

    Real ill!!!

  • Dj L-BIZ (BEAT3)

    love the idea of a mini dvs setup awesome. i reckon the straight arms are a must though

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  • SpazzMatic

    This article just made me jaw drop … I would love to own a pair of these.

  • Chrome

    I want some! Please help spread the word and get these made for sale to the public!


    I always thought a 10 inch Tech would be great! A slightly smaller setup for transporting from venue to venue. 4 by 2inch smaller on a road case makes a big difference. But a 7 inch plater with a tone arm in the way can get pretty tight. I guess I would have to try rockin on 1. My vote would be for a 10 inch plater tho!!!

    • The problem with that is that 10″ vinyl is such a minority format. The DnB scene thrived on it for a bit, but that’s not enough to warrant investment.

  • Simon Mark

    If Serato did a 7″ time coded Vinyl I would be on this! My 1210’s are loved but take up loads of room along with my CDJ’s and laptop controller.

    • Ric Rush

      Here’s my 7inch Serato vinyl.

      • Suddenly, that looks ridiculous.

        • dj crossfade

          lol ya it does

      • Simon Mark

        LOL! There you go then, bring on the SL-700’s

    • Pinto Galli

      Jazzman Gerald pressed a Serato Timcode in somewhat 2009 as flipside of his Reissue 45 of Mr. Clean & Soul Inc. – What’s going on.

  • DJmarcusBee
    • Super rare though. Not actually released – just made for promo, hence the silly money being asked.

  • Davesmusictank

    I have a set of these from CashConvertors

  • DJ Jeff

    this will be perfect for the 45 King and Kid Capri

  • DJ Jeff

    apparently they were only made for BizMarkie in 2011 so thats the only pair in the world according to him ” I bizmarkie has the only 2 pair of sl-700 in the world period …..”

  • dj crossfade


  • Mila

    I loooooooove them!

  • Mila

    I waaaant them!

  • Mila

    I neeeeed them!

  • Andreas Bauer

    This is my idea, how this can be done:Take a 1200, pull out the tonearm, the motor, electronics, motor, platter… (cables, buttons, etc.). Find an experienced CNC driller, he can drill you the smaller chassis autta aluminium and the platter (the platter with some magnets is also a part of the motor), some more modifications must be done: shorter tonearm, bottom chassis (originally made out of some hevay gum)…. I think about 5000$ for one player, maybe the second one is much cheaper, because you have done the 3d modelling for the CNC. these are some absolutly killer nerd decks FANTASTICO!!! look at biz´s ring 🙂 I LIKE 🙂

  • Jim Tavegia

    They never should have stopped making the 1200 with the resurgence of vinyl. I”m not sure how Technics missed the boat on this one. Poor marketing. An $800 SL-1200 would still be selling.

    • The resurgence of vinyl is still a spec in real terms. And as for selling $800 turntables – they couldn’t sell enough when they cost $400-500.

      • greencross

        i was ordering 50 units a month for when they decided to stop the production, and it was very very difficult to find a supplier who wouldnt sell you chinese fakes. There was a HUGE demand in europe when thet decided to shut down the MK2. I dont know what really happened. I remember there were orders we couldnt fulfill due to this.

  • Ldridge

    other than the size i see no advantages to a 7 inch deck, all it does is limit what you can mix ? no 10″ dubplates, the only advantage is the amount of space they take up so for a special mobile serato set up they would be cool but really i dont see any “real” DJ investiong in these OVER 1200/1210’s

    • There seems to be a lot of people who seem willing to drop cash on these, for the very reasons you state. They would be a talking point if nothing else.

    • Shift

      So a 45 dj is not a real dj then? You sir a wrong!

    • Jah Pete

      real Dj – serato ???? Some djs have spent nuff years diggin crates to have nuff 7`s vinyl to play a set. Now that’s a real dj Not just simply downloading Terrabytes of music in seconds to use on serato. 7¬s is where it`s at. haha :-)Bless up.

    • ZebrahDick

      the people who would buy this would most likely already have 12″ decks to spin other stuff on. It’s like a guitar player with a wall of guitars. a matter of choice and style.

  • mk

    Technics no longer exists as a brand, so anything new would be under panasonic brand. Panasonic should at least license the platter/motor technology to someone else, they could make a lot of money just on licensing.

    • As far as I’m aware the patents ran out, so the only thing they could licence would be the brand name.

  • YO


    • Sólo hay 2 pares de todo el mundo, y Biz Markie tiene todas. Es posible que más se podría hacer, pero va a ser un tiempo muy largo antes de que ocurra.

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  • Rookieboy619

    I would hope they decide to make these I would really get a pair. I would pay at least 400 for each.

  • the plague

    as a collector of rare 45 vinyl the straight arms are a complete no no. the angle of stylus on the vinyl on the above photo is completely hideous!!! will cause masssive damage…other than that …desirable

    • SpazzMatic

      Biz has had the decks for a couple of years spinning his 45s. I think if the arms had done any damage to his invaluable collection of 7″ records, he would have gave up the decks a long time ago. Just saying ….

  • dj eclectik Vancouver BC

    I’d pay $1800 all in for a pair – sign me up!

  • Rik Sonic


  • Teeboy 42

    if they’re more than the 1200’s, you can keep them bad boys!!!

  • DJ Alibi

    somebody is gonna read this and come up with something, you watch.. lol!

  • Jah Pete

    I`d sell my house for these and hit the road on my bicycle with the 700`s and a war box of 7`s and go on tour. Yes please,

  • Jah Pete

    actually just one of them with a good box of 7`s would do. Still nice up the dance with some one deck business,

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  • Best Legs


  • Mutis Mayfield

    Just attach scratch decoder with tascam ttm-1 and forget about dvs…

  • Dj smoke1

    I think Technic or vestax should see this as an opportunity to start a whole new setup for the djs that won’t give up their turntables and don’t want to go the midi controller route. Make this affordable for everyone and technic will be reborn.

    • Jon Connor

      TECHNICS IDEA ,thoughts for a long time Panasonic make turntable with serato/traktor technology that can play control disc and vinyl , load tracks via usb , digital screen on back of deck for track selection , fuk peeps could have own branded control disc to, there is a market for this im sure

  • Pdang

    WTF!.. OMG.. WANT WANT WANT!!..Well, now after reading all of these posts, isn’t it a BIG shame that Technics dropped out of this niche market (which I will argue as perhaps one of the coolest sectors of DJ iconography there ever will be). Come on Technics, WTF!! The potential prestige and influence Technics can have (yes, I mean this still today) outweighs the detriments of any profit or market blah blah blah! I would much rather sport a Technics deck instead of a Pioneer CDJ but ultimately, Technics failed to address ANY responsibility over their loyal fans leaving their backs literally in pain!!. The SL-DZ1200 failed miserably! Perhaps I can suggest a limited run of these sweet SL-700’s. OR, perhaps a TECHNICS + SERATO Direct Drive Controller as being the new standard (of course you’d have avoid the non-sense of the SL-DZ1200 and purify the controller to turntable perfection) in which I’m sure all of us have already dreamed about or literally hacked away over the years only to come short of a viable true marketable product!. The point is, there is obvious desire, potential, and love for Technics so PLEASE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD & DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! I’m sure the return of Technics will be the nicest welcoming the DJ market will have in a long time ; )

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  • I realize that this 7″ only turntable is not very practical, at least for me, but damn it’s so cool. Would love to have two just for the sheer uniqueness. I guess the Northern Soul DJs who spin lots of 7 inch vinyl would love something like this.

  • Mr Fantastic

    I’d love a set of those. Come to think of it – i’d settle for Biz Markie’s gold ’45’ 45 adaptors! Anyone know where he got those? Custom made?

  • SpazzMatic

    You know I don’t see Technics (Panasonic) taking us seriously, but I got to say with how well the V7 is built I can see Numark pulling this off. What do you guys think?

  • Jon Connor

    TECHNICS IDEA , OK my thoughts for a long time Panasonic please could you a make turntable with serato/traktor technology that can play control disc and vinyl , load tracks via usb , digital screen on back of deck for track selection , fuk peeps could have own branded control disc to, there is a market for this im sure

  • Ryan Supak

    What would be a price people would pay (a piece) for a turntable retrofit kit?

    It could be a tiny Raspberry-Pi (or similar) computer with an SD drive slot, and a touchscreen that mounted on a 1200 that gave track and position info. It could use the MS.Pinky software as a backend.

    I’m not sure it would really be any better than a laptop running DVS, but could be interesting…I bet 1,000 hours or so could make it a reality.


  • Zam

    A vinyl dj turntable that would not play 12″ should at least offer something special and useful. Not a born-dead product for souvenir shops and fans of singularities. Using smaller platters (9″,10″) could be a compromise in order to integrate digital controls (i.e. Novation Dicer) and 1 or 2 slots for optional connectors/DVS/chipset$, while keeping the possibility to play regular 7″, 10″, and possibly 12″ (the Vestax Handytrax way). I also think that a modified version® of the hinge brackets of the Technics could easily support any touch screen tablet 🙂

  • Pinto Galli

    I did this Picture! Yeeeehah! As fun in 2005 for a little Party i did for and with Tobias Kirmayer while he was visiting me!
    And guess i remember we posted it for fun on some collector forum on april 1st as april’s fool.
    Crazy shit…
    *pinto galli

    And I found the old flyer – there it goes:

  • zero

    I would kill…

  • Andreas Bauer

    if anybody is willing to start a crowdfounding project for this, I think, there will be enough nerds to build. not an original technics, but very close, maybe with some improvements (possible to play 12″ etc.) … ?

    • The guys at Stokyo are the ones to ask for the future of this. A handful of positive comments on a DJ website isn’t a compelling business case.

  • Dave Coakley

    I fail to see how they would operate any better than a normal pair of technics and a decent 45″ adapter. Maybe I’m being stupid, can someone explain?

    • Does it have to be work better? Have a real purpose or fulfil a need? Or can it just be really REALLY cool? Technics gets a pass on the cool factor, and this alone makes them highly desirable. Better than spinning on a regular turntable? Who cares. 😉

      • Dave Coakley

        Aye. As someone who never jibbed off his Technics, and for whom CDJ’s and midi controllers completely passed him by, I can personally attest for the appeal of the SL’s. Frankly, a 20th Century icon of design and function.

        I suppose I can see how a limited run of these special edition turntables would make for a highly prized collector’s item. For the average person though (especially those already owning SL1200’s), they are pretty useless (though really undeniably cute!).

        For me the interesting thing about the debate here is how much it reveals of the love people have for Panasonic’s old DJ division and how we really mourn it’s passing. I really like some of the guys ideas in this thread, for a new Technics deck with midi capability and DVS audio cards built in.

        Matter of fact, I’d be happy to see Technics use lower grade materials (plastic body, rubberised buttons, etc), just as long as the legendary SL series direct drive unit was still in place; if it could mean it being produced to a point where Panasonic could break even/make some profit.

    • Lloyd Braun

      Better? Well how about portability for mobile gigs.

  • dj crossfade

    i would get these with a st8 arm
    if they made a vestax pdx 3000 like this here is my cash

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  • KarlosSantos

    Here’s my Traktor 7″ timecode 🙂

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  • Rick Moralez

    i want them!!! i loveeeeee

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  • DrE

    Still waiting for the SL-1000 10″ version.

  • petemarriott

    Have yous seen this video of Biz on the SL-700’s yet?

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  • Christie Z-Pabon

    Peace All! Here is OFFICIAL video from last week’s Crotona Park Jam courtesy of Francisco Reyes ( of Biz Markie on his SL-700s as well as King of Diggin’ DJ Muro from Japan, GrandWizard Rasheen (who influenced DJ Cash Money) and Hip Hop pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert:

    find Tools of War True School NYC Summer Park Jams at
    and here is the 2013 park jam event page – which we update weekly

  • Aleksander Gustyn

    absolutely luv this !!

  • DJ Spokk

    Hahaha i wonder if that’s where Numark got their idea for the NS7! 😀

  • Brian Jones

    Panasonic could hit a homerun with these if they turn them into the ultimate CDJs.
    Make them switchable bedtween analog for vinyl and midi for USB slots or timecode vinyls.
    Offer an optional FX controller mated to it.
    And then offer a 12 inch version of the same thing.

    Result. Redemption for the SLZ.

    • Bis

      Would be awesome.

  • Jesse De Wall

    Friggin sick I want a pair for real. How much?

  • randy

    I really want a pair!!!

  • Deejay Rage

    I know two dj that are currently looking for a pair.. and will to pay a healthy price…

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  • Christie Z-Pabon

    Peace Mark! Thanks so much once again for all the great coverage!!!
    Just in case anyone wants to see photos from the day Biz brought the SL-700s out for the first time at the Crotona Park Jams on July 25th – here are the links to an official video clip plus photos links from all our pro photographers! Enjoy! Here’s the event link for all the 2013 Tools of War park jams: and here’s our official page on FB

    video ciip by Francisco Reyes

    photos by Joe Conzo

    photos by Francisco Reyes

    photos by Ignacio Soltero

    photos by Ming Han



  • Gabriel Lautaro

    I’ll take two please!

  • MisterFana

    Smaller equals lighter. I would get a pair for mobile use. Everyone would switch back. Serato torq have 7″ to make it happen.

  • Dj Agile

    I’ll Take 4 PLEASE!!

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  • H8er

    So cute, like toys for children ;D

  • DJ Uppers

    i’ll take 8 please lol

  • DJ Uppers

    I love it

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  • Adam Simmons

    Biz on the cut on his SL-700’s, in a onesie pajama suit. You’re welcome internet.

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  • Shigura

    It’s been 3 years, so, yeah, guess this story was bunk.