DJ Gear from Yesteryear — The Gemini TT-04 turntable

There’s nothing quite like the venerable turntable to stir up heated discussions on many a DJ forum. My rejection of the sage but lazy advice to “just get Technics” in part led to the creation of skratchworx, and I’ve always had a soft spot for anything but Technics ever since*. But I am a contrary bastard at the best of times. 

* Don’t get me wrong — I lusted after a MK5 that was on short term loan a while ago, and fully appreciate the quality. I just want more from a turntable than knowing it’ll outlive me and my firstborn. 

And many have passed through my hands in my time. Some have stayed and been loved, while others have been rapidly reboxed knowing that I would almost certainly tap out a ream of unkind words, and recommenced used super OEMS instead. But outside of the pair I actually bought (the Numark TTX1s), the Gemini TT-04 left an indelible imprint on my heart.

DJ Gear from Yesteryear Gemini TT-04 turntable (11)

To be clear — it was no 1200, but it’s not designed to be. Coming in at £199/$279, the TT-04 was unashamedly a budget turntable. But it was built well and delivered 5kg torque and a straight arm, things that as a more scratch friendly DJ I valued highly. 

But it wasn’t Technics, or Vestax, or Stanton. It was Gemini, a brand that I have a lot of love for, and this just made it even stronger. I know that turntables were in decline and that will have led to the TT-04 not doing anywhere near as well as it should, but it was gone too soon.

But I’m always looking for a pair on eBay. If Gemini made them today, they’d be my recommendation for people wanting to get into vinyl DJing. They never should have stopped making them, and if possible should consider making them again. 


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