If you want turntable art, this is it

[vimeo id=”31933085″]

When I was a kid, I was absolutely captivated by anything to do with spirals. I had a serious collection of Spirograph bits and bobs, but did feel limited by the order and rules laid down by the strict nature of geometry and mathematics. All the cool stuff had already been done by Hasbro and was included in the instructions anyway. But then I discovered Pendulart, which essentially blew my young mind by introducing chaos into an otherwise rigid art world. And it seems that this theory isn’t lost with turntables either, and Robert Howare’s adventures with wood, decks, and pens has been doing the rounds this week. Unlike yesterday’s utter carnage, this is the turntable art you were looking for.

[youtube id=”A32W7NfM8ws”]

I also found a similar video on Youtube that does much the same as the first, albeit in more detail. And as someone posited in the original Howare video, what would happen if the paper was on a turntable as well? A third variable could create some insane pictures, but I’m sure a rain forest of paper will be necessary to nail the very best results.

Anyway, back to the business of DJing — posting a review in a bit.