Want to beta test the next Gemini DJ shiny?


gemini dj beta test

Just spotted this on Facebook — the newly recharged Gemini DJ have a lump of new DJ shiny coming out. But before it hits the market, they want some of you to use, abuse, and generally beta test said new product to oblivion before they release it to market.

Here’s the criteria:

Audio Player Beta Opportunity

We’d like to invite you to test a great new multi-format audio player for DJs. Featuring a large full color screen to provide visual feedback, this device is a great tool for professional DJs.

Ideal candidates for this test are DJs that would be able to test the equipment in a private setting, already own a mixer, and own a large number of files to test with the product.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to apply for this opportunity, check the requirements then click the link below.


  • Must live in Germany, the United Kingdom, or the United States
  • Must own a PC or Mac
  • Must own at least one two channel (or greater) mixer
  • Must own a large number of media files (MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF)
  • Must own speakers, amplifiers, and/or a PA system
  • Must be a DJ that would be willing to use this equipment for testing

So breaking that down, Gemini DJ has a new table top media player with a big screen that needs some testing. Fancy a dabble? If so, sign up here. And no, I seriously doubt that it pays — beta testing normally doesn’t. But you can help shape the future of a company, and make the DJ scene that little bit better, which should be incentive enough.

Sign up right here if you’re interested and fit the above criteria.