VIDEO: DJ Etronik on the American Audio VMS5

When you’re a DJ company, and you just happen to have a DMC champion working for you, it makes sense to put those skills to good use to promote your newest gear right? And that’s exactly what American Audio asked Edgar Bernal aka DJ Etronik to do with their VMS5 controller.

Before the comments section gets to work, I’ll preempt this by saying that this is a £299 controller. And yes, you can get a much better vinyl emulation from using turntables. But this is a £299 controller, and not about vinyl emulation — this is very much about providing as complete a DJ experience as you can from for a lump of hardware that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Ergo, it’s a £299 controller, and for me it’s performing incredibly well for the money. If you want vinyl like feel, get some turntables and put vinyl on them.

If however you fancy dipping your toe in the DJ pool, or just want a portable backup, the VMS5 looks to be a very cost effective option. Skills however are not included.