Mixvibes Remixvideo — think Live but for visuals

Mixvibes is going through something of a renaissance in recent times. After rebuilding their original DJ offerings into the Cross range, they’ve now started to explore other producer and performer areas outside of core DJing. Remixlive came along and offered a simpler alternative to clip and sample launching, and now they’re doing the same for video. Enter Remixvideo for Mac, their take on performing with video.

Let’s read the words first:

Mixvibes introduces Remixvideo for  Mac.

Mixvibes releases Remixvideo for Mac, an intuitive sampler to enhance one’s set with video playback. Running VST/AU and Ableton Link, it is the ideal add-on for live performers wishing to integrate video into their existing  setup.

Having pioneered VJing with Cross, we felt there was a gap for an accessible way to delve into the world of video mixing, especially when playing audio over the top. Hence the purpose of Remixvideo: breaking down the barriers between music and video to make the creation of audiovisual sets truly effortless.

Remixvideo is the weapon of choice for creative video mixing, with a slick grid interface that makes DJs/producers instantly feel at home. It offers two ways to enhance music performances with visuals: linking audio samples to video pads in standalone mode, or playing it as a video plug-in (VST/AU) within your favorite music software.

Acknowledged by world-class performers like Tiestö, Mixvibes’ 10-year video expertise has been refined into a professional – yet intuitive – mixing software.

Intuitive audiovisual performances

  • Play fully-synced video & audio samples on a grid of pads.
  • Tweak visuals instantly with video FX, mixing modes and real-time editing.

Seamless sync with music software

  • VST/AU plug-in: sync audio and MIDI inside any compatible music software.
  • Ableton Link: play in sync on several devices running Link-enabled apps.

Pro video content at your fingertips

  • Import video & audio samples: all main A/V formats & video codecs are supported.
  • Includes 72 video samples (in 404p, 720p & 1080p) & 36 synced HQ audio samples.


Audiovisual sampler

  • Play fully-synced video samples, link audio samples to video pads.
  • Modular grid: up to 8×8 pads.
  • 3 playmodes: loop, one-shot and gate.
  • Audio sample editor: quantize, gain, mute audio.
  • Video sample editor: hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, chroma key, position & scale.

Professional video mixing

  • 18 video FX & 7 mixing modes.
  • Built-in mixer: audio & video faders, bi-filter knobs, EQs, mute & solo buttons.
  • Live BPM control: time stretch included.
  • Touch Bar editing shortcuts on the new MacBook Pro.
  • Auto-Pilot: automatically plays a sequence of pads.

Video content and output

  • 72 royalty-free professional video samples.
  • Import samples: supports main AV formats & video codecs (avi, mov, mp4, mpeg, hap,…).
  • Live video input: play webcam or camera input onto a pad.
  • Generators: includes 12 lightweight and audio reactive video samples.
  • Record in MP4 and upload to YouTube and Dailymotion.

Hardware and software compatibility

  • MIDI Support: Novation Launchpad Mk2, Akai APC Mini & Livid Instrument Base 2.
  • MIDI Learn: quickly assign MIDI commands to any controller.
  • VST/AU plug-in.
  • Ableton Link support.
  • Syphon support: share video output with third-party software.

Watch the introduction video: https://youtu.be/izNC3ygFrnA

Pricing and availability

Remixvideo is available on the Mac App Store at a special introductory price of $99.99 (instead of $199.99).

Download: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1200409244
More  info: http://www.mixvibes.com/remixvideo

Mixvibes Remixvideo — think Live but for visuals


Before I get to that, let’s look at the video scene, to give context to what I feel has driven the birth of Remixvideo.

Cast your mind back — video was supposed to impact ridiculously heavily on the DJ world. But it seems that the world wasn’t and largely isn’t ready to use conventional DJ gear for video DJing. Granted, there are some amazing people doing really cool work with turntables and video, but it’s much more of a performance thing rather than conventional A to B back and forth mixing i.e. people stop and watch rather than just listen. And there’s only so many scratched and stuttered videos people will stomach.

So it’s logical that video for DJs needs to be used in a way that keeps them dancing to music. And that would be to supplement the DJ playing music and to provide an enhanced vibe. And for me that’s what Remixvideo brings.

This is about visuals. The music speaks for itself, and Remixvideo is used to supplement the audio with a visual clip and sample based feast. I’m sure it’s quite possible to mix conventional music videos in Remixvideo, but the features lend themselves more towards creating a collage of video visuals.

Think of it if you will as Ableton Live but for video, where video clips can be launched — including synced audio loops — from the keyboard or connected controller, all in sync and via Ableton Link to other computers, and inside other suitable apps as a VST.

This lends itself to being used by the DJ playing the audio, and being able either to manually control things or to use some pre-made automation to make life easier. Alternatively, another DJ or VJ can support the DJ’s performance by themselves, which will create a more focussed and interesting performance. Each plays to their own strengths.

As a product, I think Remixvideo helps to move video from the awkward ill-fitting paradigm of two turntables into a perhaps more suitable format, one that might actually see video become a tad more widespread and accessible, and one that moves beyond the DJ format and into its own distinct scene.


I like the direction of new Mixvibes, and especially the Remixlive and Remixvideo products. Instead of making things complex, they’ve gone for simple and accessible. Remixvideo is cheap enough now for a while ($99 as opposed to $199), so if this looks to be something you could get into, grab it today. And before anyone asks, if it’s anything like Remixlive, it’s certain that Mixvibes will be working on iOS, Android, and Windows version.


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