DJ Cable DJ Complexion Denon DJ MC7000 Serato DJ Hyman Archive

VIDEO: Cable and Complexion on the Denon DJ MC7000

I don’t know about you, but the thought of someone stepping up to join me while DJing gets me dusting off my Queensberry Rules book and prepare for some fisticuffs. But obviously DJ Cable and DJ Complexion are considerably more affable than me, and are quite happy to share a Denon DJ MC7000 controller to knock out this short set in the amazing setting of the Hyman Archive, an absolute gem of a place that houses the largest collection of pop culture magazines in the world. I could take a two week holiday in that place.

With two DJs come two laptops, each running Serato DJ, demonstrating not just how easy changeovers are, but also how seamless DJs can perform on the same controller. Good work guys, but if I’d been there, I’d have been too busy reading.

VIDEO: Cable and Complexion on the Denon DJ MC7000

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