VIDEO: 12 year old DJ Rena’s djay Pro and Beatpad 2 set

Controllers and apps are a good place for budding DJs to start. But 12 year old DJ Rena demonstrates that he’s quite some way beyond being a beginner, and gives Reloop’s Beatpad 2 running Algoriddim’s djay Pro a good workout.

Not bad for a 12 year old at all, but for more vinyl based examples, check out this set with DJ Craze and this bonus entry for IDA 2016.

And equally not too bad for a controller either. The more I get to use the Beatpad 2, the more I appreciate just how capable it really is, even with iOS devices.

I’m going to finish this short story with a friendly request. At 12 years old, DJ Rena doesn’t need to be picked on by a bunch of grownups with nothing better to do than post hate about skills and technology. So given the overtly angry world we find ourselves in right now, let’s all be positive and encouraging OK?