Denon DJ new Prime SC6000 SC6000M X1850 Prime Go Prime 2

New Denon DJ Prime comes to the Worxlab — any questions?

While the other tier one media outlets jetted off pre-NAMM to Florida to get up close and personal with Denon DJ’s veritable deluge of new Prime gear, we politely declined the invitation and stayed at home. But that hasn’t stopped said deluge from being delivered to the Worxlab for a brief stay. Yes, all of it.

New Denon DJ Prime comes to the Worxlab — any questions?

And when I say brief, we’re talking me pawing it all for 2.5 days and pointing my lens at it for the remaining half a day, before boxing it up for a Thursday collection. Obviously, this doesn’t even allow me skim the surface and do a properly detailed opinion-stuffed screwdriver-in-hand type review. It wouldn’t be a real review anyway, as being pre-production units, things are subject to change.

To refresh your memory, Denon DJ announced the SC6000/SC6000M Prime players, X1850 Prime mixer, Prime 2 standalone controller, and the diminutive Prime Go.

While I have them, I’m happy to attempt to answer any questions you might have. The sooner the better as it’s hard to check something out when it’s not here anymore.

Off you go then — questions in the comments if you’d be so kind.

New Denon DJ Prime comes to the Worxlab — any questions?

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