UPDATE: MixVibes CrossDJ Free hits v2.3

mixvibes crossdj free 2.3.1

Free DJ software isn’t anything new, but the quality of the software certainly is. MixVibes has latched onto the process of giving a free version of their flagship product to the world as an enticement to upgrade to the bells and whistles laden version. Virtual DJ has certainly cleaned up in this respect in the App Store, and CrossDJ Free looks set to win a lot of new friends with v2.3.

A list of what’s new follows from MixVibes:

CrossDJ Free 2.3 major update (Mac/PC)

Paris, France – February 21st, 2013

CrossDJ Free is the most sophisticated free DJ software on the market. Therefore the best way to start really djing.

It has a fully featured professionnal DJ standards set up (waveforms, Cue/Play/Sync buttons, mixer, hot cues, scratching, loops, effects …) and, at the same time, a very intuive and simple interface.

CrossDJ Free, built on MixVibes’10+ years of expertise in DJ tools, has :

  • better graphics, better layout design, better ergonomy
  • better library management : direct access to iTunes tracks (and not thru multiple folders!)
  • and intelligent playlists!
  • autoplay mode : just load your tracks – set up the fade time and a fully synced mix will autoplay! – full free version, unlimited play time, no commercials
  • works with all our remotes (iPhone, iPad)


iTunes integration
2 players
Auto loops (1/32 to 32 beats)
Smart seek (jump playback position using increments of 1/32 to 32 beats)
8 hot cues per track
3 effect units (Echo, Flanger, Chopper)
Beatmatcher (Parallel waveforms)
Accurate BPM detection and sync engine
Flexible beat grids
Pitch fader and pitch bend
Pitch range from 4% to 100%, master tempo
Complete DJ Mixer with 3-band EQ, filters, volume faders, cross-fader and level meters External soundcard support
CrossDJ iPhone & iPad Remote application support
Import libraries from Rekordbox and other DJ software (Traktor, Virtual DJ,…)
Advanced media management (smart playlists, filter search, color coding, tag editing,…) Autoplay panel
History playlist to keep track of previous sessions


Redesigned, intuitive interface with a modular layout
Bi-filter build straight into the mixer (low and high pass filters) Audio performance enhancements
Faster library management
Amount and depth knobs on each effect unit

Download the app (MAC) https://itunes.apple.com/app/crossdj-free/id484896067?mt=12
Download the app (PC) http://www.mixvibes.com/sites/default/files/free-versions/Install-CrossDJ-Free-2.3.1.exe 

So what’s it actually like? Really good, but we have a policy of not reviewing free software. It’s simply not worth wasting our time reviewing something you can grab and try for yourselves, which in the case of CrossDJ Free you should do right away.

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