TUTORIAL: Mapping freeze mode in Traktor 2.7 [VIDEO]

We Traktor users get very excited about new features since we don’t get them very often.  We got the Remix Decks two years ago, and since then we’ve gotten… combo effects?  While the Kontrol S8 has completely dominated the news cycle, the other thing we should all be caring about is the Freeze function, added in Traktor 2.7.  If you are a user of Traktor DJ then you are used to how it works, but if you have never used the mobile app it can definitely come off a little weird.  And since there are no pre-made mappings available for the plethora of DJ controllers out there you may have to learn to do it yourself.  And we all know how exciting it is to load up that Controller Manager and start working.

So I decided to try to demystify the process a little and create a walkthrough.  This video does a little more than show you how to map it, it also walks you through why things might work and why they might not.  I didn’t dig into the really advanced features of the Controller Manager, like using modifiers to have different interactions based on what you want, but this should get you through.  Hopefully it also makes using the Controller Manager in general a little less intimidating.

traktor midi mapping freeze mode

I can provide the .TSI file I created for the Behringer DC-1, but you’ll still need to remap the entire thing to your grid controller.  Are there other videos like this you’d want to see?  I can also show how to map this to a basic all-in-one controller like the Twitch or VCI-380, since it’s pretty much the same idea, just with 8 slices instead of 16.