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Throwback Thursday – the original Pro X Fade ad

A version of this video has been hitting Facebook a lot in the last week, but for some inexplicable reason, the credits have been sliced off and is being posted without attribution of any sort. So we’re here to right this wrong and give full credit to a video that to this day is still making waves in the DJ world. When the Pro X Fade crossfader hit the streets back on 2006, it came with a strong brand image and even stronger promo video. Created by Chris Cairns (not former DJ Vajra monikered Chris Karns), it stimulated a buzz like no other, and clearly still does.

Using the arms of DJ 2Tall (now more famously known as DnB artist Om Unit), this video simply aims to publicise the then new Pro X Fade. It’s not a demo, or a walk-through, but just captures the attention. I do wish more manufacturers of new gear would understand that we no longer need to see videos of DJs fighting off floating waveforms using the new shiny. It is expected that any gear in the hands of skilled DJs is going to look fabulous in front of a camera. Instead, what is needed is attention grabbing ways to make people more aware of this new gear.

On the subject of Chris Cairns, it seems he’s also responsible for other cool DJ related videos. Remember the Scratch Perverts epic and unmatched video above? And there’s even another roundabout video that I haven’t seen before featuring Woody.

Throwback Thursday - the original Pro X Fade ad

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