Clearly there are serious issues on our collective minds right now. So to deliver a much-needed diversion, I give you the latest instalment from the mad scientist of scratch Jeremy Bell and his ongoing adventures with his Scrubboard tape scratching concept. 

You’ll recall (here, here, here, here, and here) the utterly bonkers/brilliant idea, essentially moving a cassette player head over pre-recorded tape to create a scratch sound. Well Jeremy has as ever taken the idea one step further to its 5th iteration, and using a new rig and 1 one inch studio tape, he is proud to present his not too shabby homage to DJ Jazzy Jeff’s all time classic Peter Piper routine. Does this make him Jazzy Jeremy?

Just a thought — what if the tape had a timecode on it? Could it run with DVS software? I suppose calibrating would be an issue unless it was on a loop. Would it then be DTS rather than DVS?

As ever, bloody good work Jeremy. Keep on developing as we need this kind of left field thinking.