From time to time, cassette tape makes an appearance in the DJ social media sphere. Often it’s the recycling of the Mr Tape video from the olden days of DJing. But from time to time, musical mad scientist Jeremy Bell turns up with advancements on his own take on using cassette tape to make music with. Yes people — the ScrubBoard is back, and this time it’s a quantum leap forward in madness and utter brilliance.

The basic principle of the ScrubBoard was to move a playhead over a static tape. This evolved into a more refined version that operated with a rocker switch to simulate cutting on a crossfader.

But you can forget all that, for the ScrubBoard is in a whole new realm now. Check the video for a more detailed explanation:

To summarise, the ScrubBoard can now be used as before, statically moving the playhead. But in addition the tape, operating as a loop can be played endlessly, or indeed back and forth by way of a foot pedal. And you can sample (tape is a recordable media so why not?), and lots of other left field ideas too. Marvellous.

As ever, Jeremy takes crazy to a new level. But I have nothing but admiration and respect for his dedication to a pretty nuts idea, and taking it to place he never thought possible. Just watch the video and feel his outpouring of enthusiasm and joy as he shapes his idea into something considerably more than he thought possible. It’s so infectious.

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