Coming up to NAMM 2019, we can expect all manner of PR to land in our inboxes. This week it has been full announcements, but today Akai Pro dropped of a full 7 seconds of animation that says pretty much nothing but “we’ve got something trouser trauma worthy but we’re being really coy about it”.

This of course means it’ll get leaked sooner than they’d like, probably sourced from the FCC (they seem to have it in for inMusic), and the whole thing will be entirely blown, most likely from a retailer keen to get the preorders or some over-eager look at me blogger looking for traffic not realising that their chances of getting anything in the future is nil. Sight of this video will positively see the rumour mill being turnt to 11, and the grapevine shaken to destruction for snippets of anything.

Tell me I’m wrong.

Akai Pro NAMM 2019 Teaser

Anyway, feel free to roll out the use the force/space force related puns (I imagine they expect them anyway), and hazard insane guesses as to what this could be. Akai Pro is definitely excited about it, and would appreciate it if you were too.