[youtube id=”JuM0_4zFZBc”]

Seems that pre-NAMM new release info is slowly leaching out into the wild. And the above video has been posted by Pioneer DJ to tease their next big thing.

But what could it be? Oh shut up Mark — no need for theatrics, game playing, or forensic Photoshop. Because we all know that if I did that, the first comment would be this picture:

Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Mixer

Apparently this appeared briefly on Black Coffee’s Twitter account before being swiftly removed, and subsequently popping up in the DJ Techtools forum, a very similar scenario to the DJM-S9 leak too. Pesky DJs eh? But it’s clear that this teaser is all about the next DJM-900.

To further clarify this, let’s compare the original DJM-900NXS with the above picture to see if it ties up with snippets of the video. I did a little Photoshop to make up this:

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS vs DJM-900-NXS2

The middle remains much the same (bar slim buttons underneath the cue buttons and the Magvel fader), but the outer edges appear to be where the changes are. On the left the fader start button are gone, and there’s an additional knob for the color fx select. Above that is hard to make out but as clear as day is a pair of USBs, which is good news for DJs using rekordbox and changing over mid set.

The right hand side is where all the flashing blurs appear in the video. At the top is another USB and some sort of selector switch, but below that is a screen with all sorts of parameters and wot not. I also see low, mid, and hi buttons — effects per EQ band? Below that is the effects (I’m sorry — I’ll never say FX) select knob, and below that the channel assign, but this looks different to before.

So it’s not wildly different, and is most likely an update for the new rekordbox DJ and upcoming DVS release too. As the video says, we’ll all find out together 12/1/16.


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