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Tablebeats V3 — because you can never have enough beats

While DJWORX isn’t a scratch site, I do still find myself in environments inhabited by many scratch heads, in particular those of a portablist persuasion. And it’s fair to say that without exception, where there is a gathering of portablists, at least one of them (probably all with an iPhone in reality) will be rocking a copy of Daniel Hulth’s ubiquitous and free TableBeats app. This has now been bumped to V3 , and with it comes a complete rebuild, and even more beats.

Tablebeats V3 — because you can never have enough beats

For the uninitiated, TableBeats is a free looper app, designed to provide a constant beat playing under your turntablist shenanigans. It features an obscene number of beats, more than you’ll ever need in your life, because if you’re like me you’ll have favourites and stick to what you know. But a quoted 500+ producers of beats have contributed to the app, so you get an idea of the sheer volume of material available to you.

Did I mention it’s free? Apparently Daniel’s future plans include ways to monetise development. But for now, get over to the App Store and grab your copy of endless scratch beats.

IDEA — it would be very cool to have all manner of loops available to all styles of DJs. Imagine a selection of four to the floor kick drum and snare loops. Or Amen Break loops. Or some pure 808/909 Techno and Acid filth? Why limit it to scratch beats only?

Tablebeats V3 — because you can never have enough beats

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