subsafe launch

At last year’s BPM, we stumbled across one of those deceptively simple ideas that was begging to be thought of, but took someone way too long to come up with. Subsafe is a product that aims to stop idiots with drinks from destroying your sub woofers. We’ve all done it — casually left a barely drunk bottle of weak generic lager on top of the wedding DJ’s old but still working sub and not given it a second thought, with the end result being a sticky, wet, and no longer working sub.

And this year’s BPM is where they finally launch the product. But in the final stages, they’ve approached me to ask for a few moments of your time to help them focus on the most popular brand of subs. They’ve set up a single page survey that asks which subs you use and how many. And in return if you wish, you have a chance to win a pair of BPM tickets too.

So please take a few moments of your time to help out a fledgling startup DJ business to create something that will have a real impact on the mobile DJ’s life. That survey link again: single page survey.