Arkaei pre-trolls his Push 2 performance so you don’t have to

Anyone who has ever posted a performance video on Youtube will have come across this situation. You’ve spent a solid amount of time devising, honing, and practicing a routine. You got the video ready to go but you hesitate… is it good enough? Don’t worry — trolls will tell you everything that’s wrong with it, even if there is nothing wrong with it. Not only that, you can expect every kind of spurious hate, get rich quick scheme, and conspiracy theory to eventually make its way into the comments section in double-quick time.

Knowing Ray aka Arkaei as well as I do, and witnessing his perfectionism, I can fully understand why he would be reluctant to post anything at all. The comments section can be a war zone, especially in the DJ scene. But what he’s done here is pretty damned smart, for instead of saving himself from the usual trolling bollocks by locking comments, he’s posted his video pre-trolled. Genius.

So instead of waiting for keyboard warriors to rant endlessly about DJing, sync buttons, vinyl, and turntables, he’s simply posted those bullshit comments right into the video. Of course, this won’t stop people from trolling, but at least Ray will not only have heard it all before but has actually said it himself.

Oh yeah… the video is a live loop routine performed on the Ableton Push 2. Do you even scratch bro? #fakedj. Fired.