SoundCloud DJ — All the offline you can eat

Like all the quantum leaps and pigeon steps that have impacted the DJ scene, streaming is one of those things that divides us. On one hand, it delivers all the music in the world into your pocket, but at the same time depends on one key factor — the reliability of the streaming connection. This is enough of a reason for some DJs to rule streaming out completely. 

And then SoundCloud comes along with a solution… well kind of sort of a fix that goes some way towards making streaming at least a little more palatable — SoundCloud DJ. 

Just for a change, there are no words — just a handy infographic:

SoundCloud DJ — All the offline you can eat

Soundcloud DJ – The nutshell version

All of SoundCloud, offline, for $20 a month. Obviously, you won’t be downloading all 200 million tracks, but it does at least allow pre-gig preparation so that you can play without an internet connection.

What is does do is deliver the same library but without the need to live stream, unless you want to that is. But in reality, it’s nothing more than unlimited offline mode aka streaming without streaming, something that should make the idea of SoundCloud a little more attractive. It will require you to put in the work in advance of course, but it does give you all that music without having to stream.

It’s accessible in VirtualDJ and algoriddim djay as of today (that small turning circle really does allow them to move quickly) and others in due course.