Show us your setup — extreme parenting style

When there’s a void to fill in the news cycle, there are certain fallback tactics that we hacks resort to that are guaranteed to act as a call to action for our community. One such tactic is to request that you show us your setup. This time however, we already have the only setup that we’re interested in today, and that’s our Dan’s.

You know how it goes — you fastidiously plan your home setup to the most infinite of detail. You spend a good deal of time and money honing your mothership — number of sockets, location of speakers, and spend some cash on cool cables. Then some time later (usually weeks), it turns in to a small bomb site as your inner performer takes control of your tidiness and personal hygiene, and sees you dumping your DJ life wherever there is a space. And if you’re a vinyl DJ like me, that means cover, liner, and vinyl for a significant part of your collection being in entirely different places for months, and sometimes years on end.

Show us your setup — extreme parenting style

But then there’s this level of disorder. We’re talking armageddon meets the 7th gate of hell in a house sized blender. But this isn’t caused by a lapse into slovenliness, or a straight week of producing that hot new track. This is the result of a 6lb 6oz bundle of joy called Lucy Alexandra Carrie Morse. The second addition to the Morse posse couldn’t wait to get out, and made her presence felt a full three weeks early, something that has seen carefully crafted plans thrown out the window, and chaos firmly take hold at the Morse homestead. And if you look really carefully, you can see glimpses of a DJ setup under said chaos. Lucy is quite the all night party animal too by all accounts.

But despite the scenes of destruction around Dan’s buried setup, all is well with the expanded family. This has thrown a spanner in the delivery of the Denon Prime SC5000 review that Dan was hoping to deliver before Lucy was. But this is considerably more important than… well anything in life to be honest. It’ll come when it comes.

So on behalf of team DJWORX, I’d like to send love and hugs to Dan, Vix, and older sibling Harry for the safe arrival of Lucy. That’s another future intern guaranteed in a few years then.