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Nobodi da Vinylist cuts it up – on a chopping board

[youtube id=”A0K-fgIXmpw”]

When you set yourself up a huge fall by having a poster boy nobody has even heard of doing things that clearly aren’t possible with your product, then you really shouldn’t be surprised if the reaction to your marketing activity garners a degree of ridicule. Thus Nobodi da Vinylist, a gifted scratch DJ with a penchant for calling people out set his considerable skills to create the next generation of DJ product. And he’s made a demo video to show it off.

To be frank, I spotted a couple of moments where I swear Nobodi was miming, and then there’s the whole “it’s not even plugged in” thing too. So I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve seen a unit for myself. It’s available in kit form in all good supermarkets from today. Skills not included. Good work Nobodi!

What do you think? Are two saucers enough in this four saucer age? Does a mini Innofader fit the average breadboard? Is this even DMC legal? 

Nobodi da Vinylist cuts it up - on a chopping board

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