Serato DJ 1.7.8 — plays nice with iTunes again

serato dj 1.7.8 itunes

The software industry is a house of cards built on quicksand, where one company makes a change, and a domino effect happens essentially rendering the rest of the chain into a broken mess with many angry users. And this was the case with iTunes — having just released a serious update, Apple had thrown a spanner into Serato’s works and caused chaos. But Serato has brought order to that chaos with Serato DJ 1.7.8, which apparently fixes the iTunes issue, plus a few other bits too.

The lowdown:

A minor update, Serato DJ 1.7.8 fixes some issues introduced in recent iTunes updates, as well as an issue with Serato Remote.

Download Serato DJ 1.7.8.

Other Changes

  • Renamed iTunes library from “Library” to “iTunes”
  • Tracks in the library show updated iTunes logo

Bug Fixes

  • iTunes 12.2 folders cannot be collapsed within Serato DJ
  • iTunes 12.2 displays unnecessary playlists in Serato DJ (Apps, Books etc)
  • Crash for some iTunes users when clicking “Show iTunes Library”
  • Serato Remote hanging for some users

NOTE: Users may still see unsupported iTunes file types in the library after updating. These can be removed easily by deleting from the Serato DJ “ALL” crate and will not re-appear.

If you’ve experienced any other issues you’d like help with, please contact the Serato Support Team.


In the Serato blog post about this, a question was asked about if a fix is coming for Scratch Live. And this is the response:

“Unfortunately the short answer is no. Serato Scratch Live is discontinued and will not be receiving any further testing or development. It has been replaced with Serato DJ and is a free upgrade for all Scratch Live users with Scratch Live hardware (with the exception of the Rane SL 1 and TTM-57).

If you still require Scratch Live (if you have an SL 1 or TTM-57) you are still able to use it provided your computer meets the minimum system requirements, but like I mentioned no further updates to this platform will take place.”

I know that some of you are hanging on to Scratch Live for dear life, especially those with OG Rane hardware. But with iTunes conspiring against you too, now would be a great time to bite the bullet and enjoy all that Serato DJ has to offer. And compared to SSL, the list is very long. Just be patient — there’s always an offer on.