Evermix MixBox2 — the iOS missing link for mix recording

DJs need to connect with the crowd. But in the digital age, the crowd and audience can be anywhere in the world, so connecting with them has become rather more remote and diverse than ever before. What the reworked Evermix MixBox2  aims to do is make that connection easier and more direct.

Some words about the updated version that’s coming:

New Model MixBox2 by Evermix On-Sale now

MixBox2 and the accompanying Evermix DJ App offers DJs a high quality & super-portable solution to record DJ sets at live events straight to their mobile phone & effortlessly publish to streaming sites and social media


LONDON, England, April 5th 2018

Evermix today launched their latest model of the MixBox2 – a unique recording device that works alongside the free Evermix DJ App and digital music platform to provide a revolutionary way to record DJ sets – easily and in high quality – and share them online for music fans to enjoy long after the night is over.  The MixBox2 is also the perfect partner for live-streaming high quality audio and is compatible with most major platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

On the back of a successful crowdfunding campaign and growing support from the electronic music industry in 2017, the MixBox2 is now being produced at larger scale with a striking new look, and a custom-designed cable that allows DJs to charge their mobile device at the same time as they record, live-stream, or digitise their vinyl.

The MixBox2 is available globally, and has a rapidly growing fanbase of DJs, Promoters, and Venues enjoying the product in over 50 countries around the world: 2018 will be the year the MixBox2 reaches every corner of the planet!

The MixBox2 is priced at £95 plus shipping, and is shipped globally from the UK (UK £4.99, International £8.99)



MixBox2 can still be powered by the DJ’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch without any need for an additional power source, and can record for many hours without any additional external power. During testing impressive power-usage results were achieved: a one hour set used just 10% of an iPhone 7 battery with screen off, and 20% with screen constantly on.  

If preferred, and for longer sets / recording the whole night, the MixBox2 can also connect to an external power source via a Micro USB lead to charge the mobile device at the same time. Now DJs, Promoters and Venue owners can keep their mobile device fully charged throughout the event and into the after party.


Designed in the UK, the new MixBox2 features a redesigned aluminium casing with anodised aluminium ends, providing a sleeker look and improved build quality. The device is small enough to fit into all but the tightest of pockets, and comes packaged with a handy Evermix branded carry-case.


During setup and recording, the MixBox2 provides the DJ with clear visual feedback via the LED logo indicator:

Flashing Red & White: MixBox is receiving power

Solid Blue: Audio signal is recognised, DJ App is open and ready to record/recording

Flashing Red & Blue: Audio signal clipping (very unlikely due to the point below)

Single Flash Green: MixBox attenuates signal down by -1dB to avoid clipping when signal is above +8dB

After the set is over full control is given to the DJ to choose what they publish and to where; social sharing is made easy to Facebook, Twitter, and to Evermix, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud streaming platforms.



The new model MixBox2 has kept the same amazing sound quality our customers expect from Evermix. Extreme care was taken during the design process to ensure that audio quality was never compromised. The MixBox2 features a high quality Analogue to Digital Converter with a smooth noise floor with no audible tones, and is capable of recording DJ sets in lossless WAV, 320kbps, or 192kbps AAC.

A less well-known feature of the MixBox2;  if a DJ pushes the levels on the mixer, the MixBox2 will self-attenuate to keep the recording crystal clear. Look out for the flash of green light!


Work is well underway on two exciting new models: MixBoxA (working product name), an Android compatible version of the MixBox2 and an accompanying Android DJ App, and MixBox4 (working product name), a four-channel model capable of recording crowd noise via external mic. Both are slated for release circa. July 2018.


Compatible DevicesiPhone, iPad, iPod touch (running iOS 9 or above)
InputsStereo RCA/Phono 10k ohm, that connects directly to the DJ mixer ‘Rec Out’ inputs
ConverterHigh quality 24bit AKM ADC (Analogue to Digital Convertor)
Connecting to Apple deviceApple lightning to 7 pin DIN lead
PowerPowered by the iPod, iPad, or iPod touch, or external power source
Power consumption10mA recording inactive, 40mA recording active
Micro USB SocketOptional external USB power input
ProcessorLow power, high performance digital processing using 32bit CPU operating upto 1.5DMIPS/MHz
Frequency ResponseWithin +- 0.5dB from 30Hz to 18KHz at sample rate of 44.1KHz

At a sample rate of 44.1KHz MixBox2 records from 30Hz to 20KHz

WeightMixBox2 = 80g

Fully packaged with cables and case = 230g

DimensionsMixBox2 = 95 x 42 x 22 mm
Signal / NoiseMixBox2 fixed maximum input signal level of 18dB: 

This version requires that input signal level is limited to +18dBu.

A constant Blue LED indicates signal is present greater than -70dBu

A constant bright red LED indicates any peak signal clipping over +18dBu

With a no input signal, the ADC noise floor (unweighted) = -92dB, A weighted -93.5dB)

(Measured with 48dB digital gain applied)

Sine 1 KHz @ -48dB sig lvl – THD + Noise -86dB, A weighted -87.5dB

At maximum signal level with no input signal, the ADC noise floor (unweighted) = -92dB, A weighted -93.5dB)

(Measured with 48dB digital gain applied)

THD measured at maximum signal level -1dB 

@ +8dB input = THD + Noise -77dB

@ +18dB THD + Noise -80dB – (typical Pro mixer minimum signal level)

@ +25dB THD + Noise = -86dB (-87.5dB A weighted) (typical Pro mixer driven hard)

*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

** Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configuration, and device usage.


Evermix was founded in the UK in 2015 to connect electronic music fans with amazing DJ sets from the world’s greatest artists via the Evermix website.

DJ’s can now easily record live mixes by plugging their smartphone and Mixer into ‘MixBox2’, a pocket-sized recording device created by Evermix, and upload instantly and wirelessly to their very own Evermix page. Evermix is opening the door to all DJs, Promoters, Venues & Brands, who can register for more information at evermix.fm/mixbox

Evermix MixBox2 mobile recorder (2)

To clear this up — the MixBox2 is not a recorder. It is simply a slick analogue to digital converter that takes one of your analogue mixer outputs (not always a simple task), converts the signal to digital, and feeds it into your iOS device, either for local storage and editing, or to upload to the Evermix app for social sharing. And doing this on the fly means that it can be used for streaming to platforms like Facebook, who of course will shut down that stream for copyright infringement in no time at all.

Essentially it’s a very handy link between you and the rest of the world. It draws power from your iOS device, or can be charged via micro USB too. Obviously it does use your device’s storage, but you can record in WAV or AAC depending on your needs.

Before someone says it — yes, you can hang any recording device to record your set. But then you have to go through the process of offloading it from the SD card, inserting it into your computer, logging in, and uploading it manually. In reality, this isn’t exactly a massive chore, but it is a few steps of convenience away from that connection with your audience.

Being supportive of small businesses (because we are one and it’s really tough out there), and because it’s interesting and not just another bloody controller, we’re going to get one of these in and test the concept and convenience.


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