REVIEW: Glanzmann 4TrackTrigger DJ Controller

Link: Glanzmann – Price: €1500 plus tax plus delivery

Glanzmann 4tracktrigger DJ MIDI Controller Traktor (20)


Much like the 4MidiLoop before it, the Glanzmann 4TrackTrigger is developed in collaboration with FaderFox, the boutique controller brand that tends to divide people – some love them and immediately need them for their rig, but some see the minimal design as simply cramped and overpriced. One thing’s for sure: the 4TrackTrigger is built for pro use and priced accordingly.

Glanzmann 4tracktrigger DJ MIDI Controller Traktor (9)

The 4TrackTrigger’s surface focuses purely on controlling Traktor’s decks, effects, and loop recorder – or in other words, it steers clear of the mixer section. This means that the ideal use case is to have the 4TrackTrigger sat alongside a four channel mixer, but ironically the 4MidiLoop isn’t really the ideal controller because far too many controls are mirrored for it to make sense. No, think hardware for this pairing. It’s on a very small production run, so we’d better find out whether you need to snap one up or not…