Dublights – customising DVS vinyl so you don’t have to

Dublights LED backlit DVS vinyl

While our DJ performances say a lot about who we are, our gear often screams “factory”. But times are changing, and it’s now possible to do all manner of cool customisations to previously industrial monochrome gear. And while the hardware is getting love, DVS vinyl is still very much in the realms of the manufacturers. This is where new company Dublights comes in.

DJ Angelo's Dublight DVS vinyl
DJ Angelo’s Dublight DVS vinyl

Via their website, they can offer you 3 flavours of DVS – SSL, Traktor and MixVibes. None of that knock-off stuff you understand – this is all officially sourced and done with the full knowledge of the respective manufacturers. The basic premise is to offer you clear vinyl with your design showing through on the flipside. I suppose you could just use clear vinyl with a custom slipmat, but that doesn’t allow you to use the design for accurate spinbacks.

Dublights LED backlit DVS vinyl

You can get them with or without centre labels and will set you back £20 and £25 each respectively. Yes, it’s more for no labels as they have to be removed. There’s also an online designer for you to check out your own designs before getting them made.

The ones that is most likely to attract the most attention however are the illuminated disks. As you can see from the main pic, I’ve known about these for some time, but I’ve yet to actually manhandle them for myself. The one in the picture is a prototype, but DJWORX ones are being made as I write this ready to grace my decks. Finishing touches are being made to the final product, but keep going back to the Dublights site for more info. We’ll certainly have the inside news at The BPM Show, where they’ll be showing off their wares on stand A29.