Want new shiny? It gets no shinier than this Rane mixer

dmc Rane sixty-two

While the days of Gold Technics… well just Technics may be long past, DMC march onwards and knock on the door of their fourth decade of DJ battling with some new friends at their side. And if we’re talking about status in the scratch DJ fraternity, Rane is right up there from a “kneel at the church of” perspective.

Thus the golden baton has been passed on, and while Rane doesn’t make turntables (and don’t get your hopes up otherwise), they’re pretty damned good at making mixers. Indeed, their thing is hand-making them in the US, so cobbling together a Gold one to give away to the winner shouldn’t cause them to break much of a sweat.

It does however make them puff out their chest with pride, and quite rightly so. This hand-built gilt edged Sixty-Two is a beauty. The question is do you put it on a shelf gathering dust but no fingerprints? Or would you be happy to really mess it up just to lay your hands on that incredibly cool hotness?

UPDATE: More pictures on the Rane Facebook page.

I guess that’s a decision the winner will have to make. The 29th DMC World DJ Championships, sponsored by Rane and Serato takes place 27th-28th September at the HMV Forum, Kentish Town, London. Tickets are available right here.