PUC wireless MIDI bridge for iOS devices

[youtube id=”ZQiq0i0eGVM”]

Here’s a bit of news that dropped in our laps. The PUC seems to address a problem we never knew existed, but the video seems to make a good case. As it stands, iOS is way ahead for audio in the portable hardware market compared to Android and Windows, but the means to get your devices connected is clunky and requires different dongles and cables depending on your external hardware. The PUC will also support any device with MIDI over wireless such as OS X and Windows PC, once drivers are ready and released.

Now enjoy the press release:

Zivix Now Shipping PUC Wireless Link for Connecting MIDI Devices

Eliminate Unnecessary Wires and Start Making Music in Minutes

(MINNEAPOLIS – May 28, 2014) – Zivix, the technology company striving to bring music to the masses, today announced latest innovation, the PUC, is now shipping. The aptly named device acts as a wireless link to connect MIDI compatible musical instruments with iOS devices, providing for seamless music creation.

If a user has an iPad with music creation apps or a synthesizer, the PUC makes it easy to connect to instruments like a digital piano, DJ controller, or a drum machine and quickly start making music.

Traditionally, connecting multiple musical components required cables, which easily cluttered any studio or stage. The PUC now frees musicians from those wires that made their setups stationary, and offers more options for mobility.

“Beyond the PUC’s technological innovation, it’s unbelievably versatile,” said Chris Heille, music product specialist, Zivix. “The same device can help a child experiment and learn the keyboard, and then be integrated onto a stage performance in front of thousands of people.”

Additional Product Features

  • Integrate into studio or live applications including Logis, ProTools, Life, Cubases, Sonar, Reaper and Garageband wirelessly
  • Leverages your existing iOS apps to create music and experiment with MIDI devices
  • Proprietary MIDI interface is designed specifically for iOS
  • Companion app for connectivity and tuning on iOS
  • Mac Driver for superior performance

The PUC is currently available with an MSRP of $129.99 on mipuc.com and will be available at other major retailers announcing soon. For additional information, and images, please visit mipuc.com.

About Zivix 

Based in Minneapolis, Zivix is a technology company focused on making musical instruments more accessible for everyone. Zivix builds products for professional musicians, people who want to become musicians, and people who just want to have fun with musical tools.

Zivix developed the award winning JamStik, “The Guitar for your iPad,” which is currently in production and the PUC Wireless Midi Link allowing any digital instrument to become wirelessly connected to any Apple device. Additionally, the JamStik is compatible with hundreds of popular music creation apps and includes a suite of proprietary programs that can teach users everything from how to play guitar to instant musical gratification allowing anyone access to remix music. The team has been actively developing software/apps for multiple platforms including iOS and Android since 2010.

For more information about the Jamstik and PUC, visit jamstik.com and mipuc.com. You can alsoconnect on Facebook and Twitter with each product at https://www.facebook.com/pucwireless and https://twitter.com/pucwireless as well as https://www.facebook.com/JamStik and https://twitter.com/JamStik.


About the PUC

Like I said earlier on, the trailer for the gadget makes an interesting case for its usefulness, but there does seem to be some limitations. The PUC looks like it’s limited to using an old-school DIN-style MIDI cable for the external devices, for one. You do have the choice of micro-USB power or AA batteries, which will make it much more portable and they claim 15 hours of continuous use from the AAs.


One hurdle which would make me struggle to justify this sort of purchase without being a professional is the price. At $129.99 (which I’d assume would be near £110), this isn’t a throwaway impulse buy, but depending on how it’s implemented, career musicians may find it invaluable.

As it stands, the mood in the office is that iOS for DJing is right on the cusp of mass acceptance, and if that’s the case, the PUC will be hitting the market at just the right time.

We’ve hopefully got a review to follow soon, and we’re eager to see just how much the PUC really does streamline device connection.