FRIDAY FUN: Post a picture of your DJ setup — right now


Whenever there’s discussion about people’s DJ setups, the inevitable barrage of posted pictures show lean setups at their cleanest. Much like the frenzied cleaning sessions that happen whenever guests come over, there’s this illusion that everyone puts out that we all try to live a perfect, uncluttered life. But that’s a load of crap. We all live in functional environments. We all forget to tidy up once in a while.

So here’s a challenge for you: post a picture of your DJ/production studio/desk/corner. Right. Now. We want to see those piles of cables, stacks of records, broken headphones. Prove to everyone that you’re just as human as the next person. If it makes you feel better, post before and after shots, like I have below.

Poor little dumping ground…

I’ve cheated slightly and the ‘before’ shot is from when we first had our conversation on Slack, but a lot of equipment gets passed across my DJ desk, and it’s a battle to keep it clear. I now have a corner of a shiny new extension for my work/play as well!

Your turn

What does your DJ table look like right now? Post your candid photos!

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